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After scaling heights in digital marketing showbiz, digital marketer and entrepreneur Shubham Ghatkar has shared few platforms for earning money online. By acknowledging the rising bar and revolution of the internet alongside its scope for generating revenue online. He said, earning money online can be a good source of income if done rightly through the right platform. There are various platforms online from where you can start earning online.

Below are the few platforms which you can consider for earning online :

  1. Blogging

While briefly talking about platforms for earning online he first discussed blogging. You can start your own blog and once it is monetized you can start earning from google adsense. Shubham, says if you run a website of your own you can generate revenue through your website by fulfilling certain criteria for adsense. Website is an asset and through google adsense earning can be done through websites. Blogging is an art and if you think you can acet it then go for it.

  1. Domaining

He also talks about ” Domaining ” where you can sell the domain and earn. You can buy a domain which you think might be in demand in future and can sell accordingly. It’s a great way of earning. You can park the domain and can sell the domain you want. For parking the domains there are various websites such as afternic.com, dan.com, sedo.com etc.

  1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping works as the supply chain for the business and is a good source of income for the people who are into retail business. The profit margin in dropshipping business varies from product to product.

  1. Trading

Indian digital marketer, then throws some light on how you can earn through trading. He says, one can have a research of their own and can invest accordingly in Share market, crypto, forex etc.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Young Entrepreneur also discussed how affiliate marketing is changing the game. He says affiliate marketing is an effective way of earning. One can earn through affiliate marketing either by selling the products through their own website and getting commission or by opening your own affiliate program where people will market your products.

  1. YouTube

YouTube offers a great platform for the creators to showcase their talent, for students to learn new things and much more. If you think you’re good at something and can help people grow or you can entertain, all you need to do is create your YouTube channel right away! You can earn in two ways through YouTube one is monetization and affiliate marketing. You need to fulfill the criteria to apply for monetization and through affiliate marketing you can give reviews or talk about the product and can share the link in the description and if someone purchases through your link you earn the commission. On YouTube you can become the content generator and once you fulfill YouTube monetization criteria you can start your earning.

  1. Influencer

You can become a social media Influencer if you have reach and a good number of followers. Once you have a good reach on your social media platforms you can start approaching the brands and become their Influencer. Basically an Influencer is the person who promotes products through their personal social media handles.

  1. Online Courses

In this time of pandemic everyone tends to learn new things and this acts as a positive sign for all those who can start their teaching online. You can create your own course design and start selling your course online. There are various platforms one such platform is udemy where you can sell your curated course.

  1. Freelancing

For all those who aim to work from home and earn freelancing is your stop. You can start offering your services at an online marketplace, forums, groups etc and start earning. Services can be anything you are good at, be it graphic designing, offering social media marketing services, SEO, content writing and much more.

Director of Takneek Solutions Private Limited Shubham Ghatkar concluded his ideas on how to earn money online by saying skills are the asset and one should focus on enhancing the skills.

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