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Selling content is a great opportunity for creators looking for ways to monetize their talents. It not only provides an opportunity to get financial freedom, but to work with subscribers or viewers directly. It is much more convenient than posting content and waiting for offers from advertisers.

If you have content ideas or ever wondered “where can I sell videos of myself”, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will tell you how to sell videos of yourself online for money in 2022.

How to start selling pictures and videos of yourself for money

Recently, only a few content makers ready to shoot long videos every day (TikTok format videos was not so popular) and lot of time on the of their videos could make good money selling content with themselves.

Today, the content market is one of the most sought-after niches on the Internet. Thousands of creators make money on content platforms and social networks remotely, from anywhere in the world. No wonder there are so many stories about housewives, teachers and other simple people who stopped building an ordinary career and start making millions selling videos and photos.

Services with paid subscriptions have expanded the possibilities for video creators. Moreover, today subscribers pay not for the content itself, but for a sense of belonging with the creator. In addition, there are content exchanges where the authors only need to post a video on the resource and place the cost of the work.

Your earnings will depend not only on the equipment and creativity, but also on your ability to shoot commercially successful content. First of all, you must understand which content is popular now and create product in demand.

We’ve prepared a short list of content topics that will be popular in 2022.

Top content topics

In 2022 will be popular:

  • lifestyle videos;
  • reviews of new gadgets and technologies;
  • travel blogs;
  • explicit and erotic content;
  • clips with rare natural phenomena such as typhoons, earthquakes, northern lights, avalanches;
  • healthy lifestyle blogs;
  • videos with domestic and wild animals;
  • outdoor games and spectacular sports;
  • clips with beautiful girls.

The main rule is to distinguish what will engage new followers and will be commercially useful.

The best platform to sell video of yourself online

Content makers’ incomes are growing every day. Stories about models who made millions selling photos and videos have long been commonplace.

Now anyone can pick up a smartphone and shoot a video in the mirror or record a short yoga lesson and start the path to financial independence. The main thing is to choose the right platform.

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Besides, our authors get the opportunity to:

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