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AirDesigns: Spearheading the Digital Ecosystem and Becoming a Trendsetter in the Custom Web Development


Custom web solutions are regarded as the best approach for businesses that seek to provide a flexible, consistent experience for users across platforms. A custom-designed web app can prominently cater to all your needs for the unique business idea that makes you stand out from competitors. A custom business web design is designed to emphasize a company’s strengths and turn visitors into buyers.

Custom web development involves using programming code that was created to address the specific needs of a website. This solution allows in maintaining much greater control over the construction of a website that can be accomplished using a website builder template. The benefits achieved from custom web solutions pay huge dividends over the lifetime of a website. Simply put, custom web development results in a much better website that is optimized to the specific needs of a business.

AirDesigns is one such company that provides custom web solutions to businesses of all sizes. It utilizes the disruptive power of technology and simple, elegant user experience design to create digital products that draw technology and people together.

AirDesigns serves a wide variety of clients, from early-stage startup founders to business owners, marketing managers within large enterprises to owners of retail stores. Many of its clients have non-technical roles and struggled with technical outsourcing before.

The company clients include well-known names such as Honeywell, Panasonic, Sutherland Global, and Zetes.

Uniquely Built Custom Websites and E-commerce

AirDesigns started with the mission to overcome two major industry challenges. First, most websites do not deliver the expected results and thus fail to contribute to the company’s bottom line. The failure rate is roughly 75%. And secondly, development projects are notorious for running 3 times over deadlines and budgets. The company changed this by taking an entirely new approach to building custom websites and e-commerce.

Its mission is to lead the development industry in adopting a multidisciplinary and data-driven approach to build digital projects that consistently beat their competitors and never run behind schedule and budget.

Bequeathing the Sucess Path with People and Technology

AirDesigns is very different from other web development companies. AirDesigns’ success formula is centered around the power of people, technology, and science.

The company’s new approach involved hiring only highly trained digital strategists, designers, and developers, combined with a powerful modular development methodology, a lot of automation, and extremely efficient processes engineered for speed, simplicity, and transparency. Each of these innovations contributes to an experience that feels entirely different from other web development providers.

A Visionary Leader at the Helm of Digitization

Elena Velikova is the CEO and Co-founder of AirDesigns. Harnessing the power of people, technology, and science to bring new ideas to life encapsulates the strategy of Elena. She’s always been laser-focused on creating innovative digital products that solve problems and improve lives. She believes that the best digital products require small, dedicated teams who are hands-on from start to finish.

In 2020, Elena recognized the need for a new, flexible business model that would allow the company to boost profits in times of rapid growth and stay profitable even when revenues go down. Thus, AirDesigns transformed into a virtual agency and overcame the biggest industry challenge – the “talent deficit”.

Early on, the company saw two global trends: remote working and the growing army of people who want to work on their terms and turn those trends into their biggest advantage. For her leadership and smart execution, which has led AirDesigns through exciting growth and innovation, Elena Velikova was recognized among the Top 10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs of 2021 by Industry Era.

Always a Cut Above: 5X Improvements in Digital Products

By applying behavioral science to customer experience, AirDesigns designs engaging digital products used by millions of people says Elena.

She adds that over the years, the company has tried an enormous number of user experience and conversion rate optimization techniques, some of which were real gems. These are put together by the company in a scientifically-proven methodology that is applied to the client’s projects, and they consistently beat their competitors. Elena claims that 5x improvements have become the norm for the company.

Naturally, this achievement evolves into a company’s promise to its clients: 5x better digital products launched on time backed up with a money-back guarantee, mentions Elena. She adds that consistently meeting this promise pushed AirDesign’s growth figures up at 62% YOY in 2021, not a small feat in today’s highly competitive web development space.

A Bouquet of Awards and Achievements

Elena reveals that over the years, AirDesigns has won many awards and some of them are as follows:

  • The Most innovative Startup Company of 2018 by B2B Media
  • Top B2B Company for Eastern Europe by Clutch
  • Top Web Design Company by PromotionWorld
  • Top Developers in Bulgaria by Clutch
  • Top Web Design Company by FindBestSEO
  • Custom Software Development by FBD
  • Top Ecommerce Developer by Top developers
‘Customer Experience’ at the Heart of Future Developments

According to Elena, technologies like mobile devices, apps, machine learning, and automation have transformed consumers into new, digitally conscious customers. They are constantly connected, app-native, and aware of what they can do with technology. Because of the opportunities arising from modern technology, customers form opinions about brands and organizations based on their digital customer experience. The future businesses will be only ever as good as their customer experience.

She claims that one can have the most innovative technology, but it will struggle to reach mainstream adoption if it isn’t user-friendly. One can have the most amazing product, but they will never succeed if he doesn’t offer a great customer experience at every touchpoint. Whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a D2C startup, tomorrow’s market leaders need to invest in balancing innovative, effective UX/UI with operational excellence to stay current and succeed. Elena concludes by saying that this is what the management of AirDesigns believes in.

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