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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2022 / Founded in 2019, by Mike Hernandez, Scale You Marketing 1385 Coral Way, Miami FL 33145 US, has helped give several US investors another option as to where they invest their money. This company uses their “Scale You Program”, a mechanism in which the company builds, opens and maintains an E-Commerce store for their clients. Scale You Marketing’s Clients enjoy a “Hands Free” relationship with the store itself while still enjoying 50% or more of the store’s net profits.

Inflation hit a new 40 year record reaching 7.9% in February. Housing Cost is up 17.6% since January of 2020 for all housing types and market conditions suggest that that cost will only continue to increase in the near future. Meanwhile e-commerce is expected to have it’s first trillion dollar year in 2022.

Mike Hernandez puts it plainly, “Historically, most Americans looking for passive income have chosen between starting and building a business, or investing in rental properties. Starting your own business from the ground up can be extremely time consuming and carries a lot of risk. Right now people purchasing real estate are likely buying at the top of a bubble. Meanwhile, E-Commerce continues to grow exponentially year after year. Everyones looking for ways to avoid crowded retail stores and still get what they need. We help people take advantage of this opportunity.”

This April, 2022 Scale You Marketing is officially releasing their “Scale You Program” to the public to help US investors mitigate the impact of inflation, and realize financial gains without the risk of the stock market or high entry cost of purchasing real estate. “Our goal is to help more people find financial freedom through e-commerce.” states Mike Hernandez.

Scale You Marketing’s program allows investors to benefit from their performance analytics database, vast foreign and domestic manufacturer/ supplier network and the cutting edge AI they use to spot and capitalize on market trends. “We work with anyone who wants to create stable and passive cash flow for themselves.” added Mike.

This proposition might seem too good to be true, but few other companies match Scale You Marketing’s track record. Scale You Marketing boasts a 100% profitability rate for each of its 16 client’s stores that have generated over $4 million since 2020.

This company displays confidence in its concept by the way it structures its own compensation. Scale You Marketing stakes its income on the success of its clients by partnering with them when opening a new store, making the company’s primary source of income dependent on the client’s store performance.

Take example of a 40 year old man who’s saving his money to buy his first piece of rental real estate in a savings account that doesn’t grow at the rate of inflation. While his account grows at .04% annually, the national average. Average high yield savings accounts carry an average APY of .4% to .6% still significantly lower than the current rate of inflation which has hit a 40 year record high of 7.9%. To be able to help him, this company can take that same capital, eroding in a savings account and create an asset that cash-flows, on average $71,328.57 in profit annually.

The emergence of this opportunity is due to the ever growing demand for consumer goods and mainstream adoption of e-commerce world wide. Mobile commerce alone is tipped to reach $437 billion in 2022, a 21.5% increase from last year.

Their level of service from start to finish gives them headway as well, considering the level of open communication throughout the process. Not only does Scale You Marketing handle accounting for their clients, they also report their earnings live upon request and schedule end of month meetings with each client to inform them of any updates or changes.

About Scale You Marketing: Scale You Marketing is an automation service provider that specializes in the process of building, automating and scaling ecommerce businesses utilizing modern AI data points to maximize returns and longevity. Scale You Marketing aims to make passive income more easily accessible to Americans and eventually, the world.

If you’re looking to earn passive income, you may contact Scale You Marketing for a free consultation and apply to work with them. You can also call +1 (786-606-5991) or email

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