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LISBON, Portugal–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Talent Protocol, the web3 professional network for high-potential talent, has announced its global launch. The platform provides the opportunity for individuals to easily launch a token for their career and a place where anyone can invest in the people they believe in.

Until now, careers have mostly been a single-player game where only a privileged few can win. With Web3, careers are becoming multiplayer journeys where early support is rewarded and success is shared. Talent Protocol is focused on building the next Web3 professional network for high-potential talent where users can create an on-chain resume built for the future of work. With the platform, talent can easily launch their own crypto, allow anyone to invest in their career, and turn their network into a community incentivized to help them succeed. Talent Protocol allows its users to discover top talent, invest in their careers, and unlock perks and rewards as they grow.

“Web2 social media is all about how many people are connected to you. At Talent Protocol what matters is how much people believe in you. The quality of connections should matter more than quantity,” said Filipe Macedo, co-founder of Talent Protocol.

Since November 2021 that Talent Protocol is running stealthily on Celo and has added +20k users, and more than 1,000 users have already invested over $430K in talent. The coming weeks will bring NFTs, on-chain career goals, more rewards and launching on Polygon.

Talent Protocol’s co-founders, Filipe Macedo and Pedro Oliveira, created Talent Protocol to help the next generation of talent with their careers. Oliveira has a background as an HR Tech innovator and is also a founder of Landing.Jobs, one of the leading tech recruitment marketplaces in Europe. Macedo is a computer engineer and a creative strategist, with more than 10 years of marketing experience.

“We believe that a support network is the true key to success,” said Pedro Oliveira. “A personal token can create financial, social, and emotional incentives to support talent early on. Web3 is a better way to recognize and reward those who find and nurture talent.”

Since its launch in 2021, Talent Protocol has raised a total of $2M from more than 60 angel investors and 10 funds, including Protocol Labs, Good News Ventures, and Flori Ventures.

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