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A new feature involving creators getting paid for using Spotify Live will help artists make money on Spotify, and let top fans on Spotify interact with their favourite artists in live streams.

Artists may soon be able to make money on Spotify Live. Spotify has teased “future opportunities” for artists who use the live audio Spotify Live feature for connecting directly with fans.

What opportunities? Things like selling merch, receiving tips, or asking for donations.

If this sounds familiar, you may be thinking of Spotify’s Greenroom Creator Fund. The fund was designed to lure new creators to Spotify’s live audio app, promising payment for creators making great original content. When the Greenroom audio app was rebranded as Spotify Live and incorporated into the main Spotify app, Spotify also quietly closed down the scheme without paying out any of the fund to creators.

That’s all to be forgiven now however, as Spotify has announced a new plan to reward creators who make use of Spotify Live. Spotify is testing out allowing artists to host their own exclusive rooms, so top fans can hear from artists in real time and interact directly with their favourite artists – and support them financially, too.

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In their Spotify Live room artists could host a release day party, for example, and sell tickets to live shows and merchandise right there in the virtual space.

So far, Spotify has been testing on a small selection of artists. Interested artists can sign up here.

Let’s hope the new idea sticks, unlike the Greenroom Creator Fund.

How else can artists make money on Spotify?

Aside from making money earning royalties when uploading their music through a distributor like RouteNote, Spotify lets artists earn directly through fans in another way. It is soon renaming the Artist Fundraising Pick to Fan Support.

Established to help artists at the onset of the pandemic in 2020, since then 200,000 artists have made use of the feature. The name change shows a shift to encouraging fans to support their favourite artists financially, not only as a charity case in times of crisis.

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