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Learn the fundamentals of in-game advertising with this lesson. It includes definitions and examples of different strategies used by the game and advertising companies as well as game designers. What distinguishes advertising distinct from static and dynamic advertising is that the whole game functions as an advertisement. Check What are in-game advertisements you need to know about it.

For instance, Chipotle Scarecrow is a game created and funded by Chipotle. Instead of making an entertainment-based game first. And then using advertisements to pay for the game.

What are in-game advertisements you need to know about it
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In-Game Advertisement you need to know

You’re playing the latest ball game video on your favorite gaming console. Even though it’s an entertainment experience but you’re aware that the ballparks and players are real and real stadiums. The graphics have become so intricate that you could observe the billboards.

In that line, the ballpark’s outside looks like ads that you see in reality. Pay-per-click promotions like an advertisement or sponsorship that is built-in video games. Often referred to by the term “in-game” advertising as well as IGA.

 Types of in-game advertisements

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There are three kinds of in-game advertisements, static (ads that aren’t alterable), and dynamic (changeable advertisements that are changeable). As well as advertising (a game designed to be an advertisement). We’ll go into more detail on these in the next lesson.

In these three categories, there are various approaches or methods to IGA like incentive-based (ads that reward the player). Selective (advertising that the player chooses) and ads Gating (ads that players must view before playing) to mention several. Here we will look at several examples of these strategies in the next section.

The history of in-game advertisements

In-game advertisements have been in use since 1978 when they first became available in Adventure land. It was revolutionary to see an advertisement integrated with a video game, particularly an advertisement promoting a brand new game. Nowadays, it’s challenging to locate a video game that doesn’t have an in-game advertisement.

In the early days of IGA advertising, it was impossible to be altered. The ads along the ballpark fence of this game Major League Baseball 2K8. After the game was placed on CD and made available for sale.

Dynamic In-Game Advertising

Nowadays, technology is more advanced, and most games must have the internet to play. While more programming is needed, dynamic in-game advertising (DIGA) has many advantages.

Could be modified to something more relevant to the moment. Let’s say the latest baseball game is DIGA. While playing, you may be able to see one of the billboards. It appears to be an advert for the release of a new film.

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