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9 Legal Ways to Earn Money Online in Singapore

9 Legal Ways to Earn Money Online in Singapore

The rising cost of living in Singapore necessitates that we increase our income to meet our financial objectives! In light of the COVID-19 scenario, many people are realising that they have time to work from home and make money online.

In truth, earning money online is becoming increasingly viable, and you no longer have to rely on low-paying online surveys.

To help you earn money online, we’ve compiled a list of nine legitimate ways for you to do so. They might even become a full-time source of revenue for you in the future!

1.    Translation

It is possible to generate money as a translation on the internet. Here’s what you need to know if you want to pursue this increasingly common – and lucrative – career path.

Since the dawn of the globalisation era, there has been an increase in the demand for people with language abilities. The translation industry now has more chances than ever before because of the tens of thousands of multinational corporations operating throughout the world. Companies and authors that want to appeal to a broader audience can hire you as an online translator to help them do so.

As a child, were you ever taught how to speak your mother tongue? Put them to good use!

You can easily make $10 to $150 or more per assignment by doing translation work from the comfort of your own home. As a result, the more quickly you complete tasks, the more money you can make!

Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer are good places to start looking for employment. Gengo and Stepes are also good places to locate work.

If you’re doing any freelance work, you’ll probably want to have a PayPal account set up so you can get paid.

2.    Illustration and Graphic Design

Let’s start with the most obvious approach. Yes, freelancing as a graphic designer is the finest way to make money both online and offline.

If you want to become a professional designer, you’ll need more than an online course and some YouTube tutorials.

A lot more effort is required to get better at what you do and build a name for yourself.

Here’s what you need to do to succeed in the design industry: discover your area of expertise!

Alternatively, choose a specific area of graphic design and devote all of your time and effort to learning as much as possible about it.

Focus on a speciality, such as Twitch emote design, rather than labelling yourself a graphic designer who does a wide range of creative work.

Create a service for players that want to make their own Twitch emotes. Then you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to, and you’ll be able to meet their needs. Promoting your business and attracting customers will be a lot simpler.

There are companies who will hire you to create graphics for them! You can earn anything from $20 to $200+ on any given task, which includes everything from logos to posters.

To raise your rates, you’ll need to have a solid portfolio. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll get more clients who will pay you more!

Freelancing networks are a good place to locate writing assignments, too. Before upgrading to a premium programme like Photoshop, you may get by with free tools like Canva and Gimp.

3.    Video-Editing

Is your video-making prowess exceptional? We’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re into movies or montages!

Freelancing platforms offer a wide range of projects, from simple 3D effects to full-blown videos. You might earn anything from $10 to more than $200 per task. In order to get a higher rate, you need to establish a portfolio.

More and more people are relying on professional support to produce high-quality video material in the modern era. Being a freelance video editor may be tough but equally rewarding.

Even if you’re not a skilled video editor, you can still make a lot of money if you have the correct tools and a little bit of skill. Video editing may necessitate the use of certain hardware. You may find out more information by reading this guide.

4.    Provide a tutor or teaching service

Do you have a special talent? Don’t rule out the possibility of teaching or designing online courses! For $50 to $1,000, you may sell courses on Udemy, Skillshare, and LearnWorlds if you have a passion for photography or baking.

Let’s pretend I’m a licenced nutritionist with a full-time job, but I’d like to use my free time to help folks who want to cut back on their caffeine intake and feel more alert throughout the day. I can offer this service in a variety of ways, based on the subcategories above:

Freelancing is the most hands-on option: My clients may need supplements or multivitamins, or if they live in the area, I may be preparing their meals and delivering them to them.

In consulting, my client would keep a food record, and I’d examine it; we’d then have a phone session where I’d offer advice on how to improve things.

Consultation would be included in this scenario as well as ongoing coaching to help your client change their personal nutrition. As a professional, you can be an invaluable source of encouragement and accountability for some people.

With a full-time job or established career, freelancers and consultants are excellent possibilities. Focus on what you already know or can do instead of trying to figure out how to generate money online.

5.    Start an Online Dropshipping Store

There are several ways to start a scalable business without having to spend a fortune on the stock. Dropshipping could be the solution to your problem. Because of the ease of dropshipping, you no longer have to worry about keeping an inventory on hand. Deliver the goods, and the supplier takes care of the rest.

Starting costs are one of the drawbacks. The good news is that if you do it well, you can make more than $3,000 a month!

With Shopify and Oberlo, you can get started by setting up an online store. Before getting started, it’s a good idea to check through a few manuals.

6.    Building a Blog and Earning Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to learn how to earn money while you sleep? Make money by promoting other people’s items on your site! Using your blog as a platform to express a hobby or interest is an excellent idea. You’ll be able to make a full-time salary (or more!) over time, as you create a large enough audience.

Have no idea what to suggest? There are a plethora of goods available on marketplaces like ClickBank and Amazon.

People will buy from you if you provide them with useful information through your content. WordPress makes it easy to start a blog. Here, you may find out more about blogging.

Trying to figure out what to blog about? Consider the following themes and niches:

  • Food and beverages (take readers through a discovery of your favourite cuisine). Check out Seth Lui’s food and dining blog.
  • Making a profit (document your journey on budgeting and wise spending habits). Look at How To Make Sense Of Cents to learn how to do it!
  • Taking care of a child (showcase your parenting skills and give young families tips on how to effectively raise their children). Check out Twins Mommy, a site we’ve been following for a long time.
  • Decorate your house (tell the world about your personal enthusiasm with home restoration and décor!). To get started, The Harper House is a good place to start.

7.    Become a YouTube or Instagram Influencers

Do you enjoy taking pictures of yourself or making movies of yourself? You can become an influencer if you’re a fan of the limelight! You may build an audience by sharing your passions through your material. Ads and links to your blog or online store will eventually bring in money.

Through Partipost, you may earn anywhere from $5 to $150 per Instagram post. People might pay you $50 to $100 or even more for a promotional post if you’re open to it.

Take images or films of things you find interesting. As long as you upload new stuff on a regular basis, you’ll improve!

8.    Provide Seo Services To Small Businesses

What do you think about digital marketing? Start marketing your services to small businesses on the internet by learning about search engine optimization (SEO). SEO improves a website’s visibility on Google, resulting in a greater number of visitors.

Many businesses, especially in this current climate, are trying to shift online in order to stay afloat. Earning $500 to $2,000+ on a single SEO project is not out of reach!

With this guide, you can learn SEO. You can then use freelancing platforms to market your skills or cold-pitch businesses via email.

9.    Designing Websites And Developing Mobile App

Programming or web design skills are you a pro? In order to improve your own abilities, help others with their mobile app or website! It’s becoming increasingly common for firms to establish an internet presence. If you’ve got what it takes, they’ll gladly hire you!

Getting a job can pay you anywhere from $500 to more than $1,000. You can earn up to $3,000+ for larger tasks if you improve your skills.

Want to learn how to design and build websites? TeamTreeHouse and CodeAcademy are two excellent places to start learning Ruby on Rails.

Learn how to generate money online in Singapore by reading MediaOne Singapore’s comprehensive guide!

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