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A MONEY-SAVING mum has explained how she’s made thousands of pounds over the years – and you don’t even need to leave your sofa.

Lynn Beattie, better known as Mrs Mummypenny, has shared how two websites helped her make the extra cash.

Cashback websites could help you make extra cash


Cashback websites could help you make extra cashCredit: Getty

A single mum of three, Lynn is no stranger to saving, sharing her thrifty shopping tips regularly on her blog and with The Sun.

She previously told us how to spend less than £10 a week on 15 packed lunches using Aldi bargains.

And Lynne shared how she saved a whopping £8,500 in six months by ditching Tesco, cutting bills and buying Poundland make-up.

Now she has revealed the top two websites she uses to make cash – and has earned a tidy sum of £4,000 over the decade she’s been using them.

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She told The Mirror: “Cashback is one of my favourite ways to easily save and make money when shopping online and when switching essential bills.

“Cashback is an extra discount you can get all online transactions when you click through to your chosen retailer through a cashback site.

“The biggest cashback sites are Top Cashback and Quidco. Go set up an account now if you haven’t already.”

Lynn isn’t the only one cashing in on cashback either.

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Savvy shopper Lee Chambers has been using cashback websites for more than a decade – and uses his profits to have Christmas for “free”. 

The 36-year-old has earned a whopping £20,000, he exclusively told The Sun.

Cashback sites pay you to shop or take out deals.  They get paid commission – and give you a slice of money to keep too. 

Most cashback sites are free and you just need to sign up with your name and email address.

You can get cashback on everything from everyday shopping to car insurance and broadband bills.

Lynn, who uses Top Cashback and Quidco, said she gets cashback on all of these, plus on holidays and mobile phone contracts.

You could save regularly by getting cashback on bills that renew each year.

She told the newspaper: “Let’s say you want to buy a new pair of trainers from Nike. You search for Nike on the cashback site and it will bring up all the current offers.

“At the moment, Top Cashback is offering 6% cashback on full price items and 4% on sale items

“The cashback site will register your cashback amount depending on the percentage of cashback discount amount and what you spend, and the cashback will appear quickly in your account as pending.

“After a few weeks (allowing for returns or cancellations) the amount will turn to confirmed (by the retailer) and then payable.”

How to use cashback sites

Cashback websites give you money back when you spend online. Quidco and TopCashback are two of the most popular sites. 

They often give new users special welcome discounts on top of the usual offers too.

Sign up and shop through them and you can build up cashback through your account with them.

How much cashback you get will depend on the offer from each shop or service, and how much you spend.

Make sure to read the details first so you know when you can expect to get the cashback, and any other requirements.

If you’re using a cashback site then it’s worth checking the details so you’re not disappointed later.

Don’t forget you must make the purchase via the cashback site, rather than direct, or you could miss the money.

Some sites like TopCashback will also let you upload your receipts from shopping in real life so you can get cashback on this spending too.

Often you can stack other deals with cashback if the retailer is offering a sale or other discount at the same time.

Once you’ve earned your cashback you can “cash out” by moving the money to your bank account, but you may have to wait to do this depending on the deal.

It’s still always worth checking to see if it’s the best deal out there and if you didn’t intend to buy it anyway, it’s not really a saving.

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