Digital Marketing Agency Perri Marketing, Inc. Announces Strong Growth During COVID – The Chattanoogan

Chattanooga-based global technology marketing agency Perri Marketing, Inc. has announced “significant growth” throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, adding three new marketing professionals to their team and additional technology clients to their portfolio.

“This growth comes at a time when many small businesses have experienced challenging economic conditions due to the pandemic and have had difficulty hiring the right marketing team members to succeed in their missions,” officials said. “Businesses outsourced their marketing to PMI in a Marketing as a Service (MaaS) model, much as one would outsource HR or IT services.”

Much of this PMI President and CEO Tony Perri credits to the mass digital transformation companies around the world have undergone during Covid-19, learning how to deliver the same quality products and services, but with a newly positioned remote workforce.

“Many companies have experienced significant learning curves in transitioning to a remote workforce, but PMI was already a team of remote workers, and believe this agility helped the company not only weather the pandemic storm but also thrive in it.”

The company has added three new resources to its team, who are located in Chattanooga and the Atlanta and Asheville regions.

Jamie Hood, creative director, Nichole Abruzzise, project manager and quality assurance lead, and Alex Perri, journalist and copywriter, will help meet the demand for digital marketing services clients will need.

Mr. Hood comes with a long background of tech marketing experience and is an award-winning copywriter, creative director, multi-faceted communications professional and musician. “He brings more than 30 years of experience to the company and is a welcome addition to help the team execute marketing and communications strategies for PMI’s global suite of clients,” officials said.

Ms. Abruzzise is a communications graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she studied TV production and has made her career managing projects and events across multiple industries. She has experience working across the world, in locations that include Australia, California, New York and many more. “She has been integral in the growth of PMI’s client list with her careful eye for detail and client-focused approach to project management technologies,” officials said.

Alex Perri is Tony Perri’s daughter and has worked intermittently for PMI since 2018 as a copywriter, crafting content for technology clients. “As a journalist, she understands the inside workings of press relations, and brings to the company a reporter’s knack for storytelling and becoming an expert in all kinds of subject matter on a tight turnaround,” officials said.

“With these additions, the elder Perri said he is ready to take on more opportunities from software clients who are perfectly positioned to leverage outsourced marketing as a service and present their products to Fortune 1000 enterprises while reevaluating positioning their products towards solutions for modern business problems in data management, cyber security, and data governance in an ever-growing climate of regulations,” officials said.

“I believe people are seizing opportunities, especially small software vendors. I’m seeing people wanting to engage more, wanting to spend more budget, wanting to be more proactive about their budgets,” Mr. Perri said.

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