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PPC is a form of digital marketing that has the advantage of bringing quick and visible results.

Creating a PPC campaign should be started only when you fully understand how it works and what pay-per-click ads you may create. What are the types of most frequently used PPC Google ads?

Let’s start with the information about what PPC stands for. PPC ads, or pay-per-click ads, are the ads visible on third party websites, social media platforms, Youtube, Gmail or search engine pages. This form of advertising with Google (but of course not only) is paid, but you pay only when a potential customer clicks the ad and visits your chosen landing page: https://www.12handz.com/services/ppc-advertising.

There is a long list with types of PPC offered by Google, which doesn’t mean your business has to use all of them. It’s recommended to choose the best types of Google ads that will go well with the type of industry you run.

What type of advertising is the most popular form of Google PPC?

Understanding what pay-per-click ads are, it is time to analyse what type of advertising is the most popular form of Google PPC: https://www.12handz.com/services/ppc-advertising.

Let’s start with the place where all the planning must begin – Google Adwords (known as Google Ads now). Thanks to the service, businesses can create a Google Adwors ad, in the form of a text in a search engine, graphic ads, products ads, or video ads on YouTube.

 Search ads are the most common type of Google PPC. After choosing the keywords you want your ads to be visible on, the advertiser creates the ad copy to be presented with the chosen keywords, and finally chooses the price per click.  

Product Listing Ads allow the users to get extra information about a product than in case of a standard text ad. Product Listing Ads or Shopping ads can be seen on Google properties, but also on social media.

Display ads are highly targeted PPC ads, which appear in front of a user searching for your product or service. Their aim may be to find new customers or engage the existing ones, or to increase the number of conversions with automation. This form of Google PPC  can also be used to raise brand awareness, or product awareness. Google banner ads, one example of display ads, usually appear at the top of a page in the form of a banner.

Remarketing Google ads are visible to the customers who have already visited your website. It’s very profitable, and aims at bringing hesitating customers back, or to upsell.

How to adjust the type of PPC advertisement for your business?

Advertising with Google may be much easier and effective if you know how to adjust the type of PPC advertisement for your business. Instead of spending hours on Google analytics, try using Google Smart Shopping Campaign.

Smart shopping campaigns manage the entire campaign, maximise conversion values, and increase your reach. It’s a mix of shopping ads campaigns and display remarketing ads campaigns. 

With Google Smart Shopping Campaign, your ads are automatically placed on your website, and automatically promoted. Google machine learning uses your product feed to create different ads, and then presents them across networks. Various combinations of images and text are tested, and the most relevant ad is then displayed.

The reports on conversion valued and return on investment can be easily checked in Smart Shopping campaign, giving you the opportunity to modify the type of ads which are ineffective.

Using PPC advertisement for your business can bring you only positive results and return on investment, as Google Adwords marketing is worth investing for both small and big businesses.  

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