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Say Hello to Allegiant Digital Marketing: Where Integrity, Experience, and Innovation Meet

A People-First Digital Marketing Agency Focused On Empowering Business Owners.

Chad Markham, CEO and President of Allegiant Digital Marketing, a top Digital Marketing Agency based in Austin, Texas, announced in early April 2022 that he would be branching off to start his brand. He will be leveraging his knowledge and expertise with over twenty years of experience in Digital Marketing, including proficiencies in SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Website Design and Development. The agency’s focus is to help companies of all sizes, including startups, small to medium-sized businesses, franchise brands, and national to international organizations.

Allegiant Digital Marketing focuses on these programs to help businesses promote their services online, build brand value, and increase their leads and sales at a scalable speed. This is achieved through their unique website design and development process. It uses conversion-based strategies that move website visitors into action positions, such as driving phone calls, contact form submissions, shopping cart transactions, and other user behaviors that drive increased leads and sales. Allegiant Digital can target, isolate, and optimize specific campaign features that increase investment efficiencies with their proprietary blend of AI and tracking technologies. Ultimately producing a greater rate of return for their partners and helping maximize their ROI potential.

Allegiant Digital Marketing uses search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook to promote their partner’s businesses and websites. They use services like Pay-Per-Click Advertising, SEO, and Social Media Marketing to increase website visibility and reach new audiences while building more robust brand engagement. Having managed thousands of campaigns over a twenty-year career, Mr. Markham provides invaluable experience and insight to the agency’s partners. Thereby helping achieve increased growth in quality traffic and sales at an accelerated pace. This is accomplished through customized solutions specific to the businesses and brands their Digital Marketing Company and services support.

According to a recent survey by Search Engine Land, only 4.17% of SEO experts have greater than twenty years of experience. This further demonstrates the scarcity in finding professionals of this caliber in the digital marketing industry.

As a Google Ads and Analytics Certified Professional, Mr. Markham also serves as an instructor teaching digital marketing to students at the University of Texas at Austin. Allegiant Digital’s concerted initiative is to foster a “People First” culture primarily focused on empowering its partners and employees through education. However, the agency’s specialization is in ROI Based Digital Marketing through targeted, measurable, and tangible results. An underlining initiative also increases the agency’s value proposition to its partners. Offering an academic dimension to the experience to help bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

Having already aligned Allegiant Digital Marketing to one of the world’s largest and most exclusively used SaaS digital marketing platforms, the firm is recognized as one of the top Texas-based Semrush Agency Partners. It gives its partners access to an advanced marketing platform that accelerates growth and enhances performance. In addition to using Semrush, Allegiant Digital offers its unique blend of lead tracking, marketing automation, and AI-backed campaign optimization capabilities. Thus, creating a unique and powerful lead generation solution available to even small business owners, minus the substantial cost.

Building trust as a digital marketing agency is a paramount endeavor for Allegiant Digital. The firm recently earned its BBB Accreditation and disclosed how digital marketing agencies are under greater scrutiny to earn these forms of recognition—citing that the industry, since not being regulated by any governing body, allows opportunities for anyone entering into a digital marketing business without demonstrating any expertise as a requirement. As a result, business owners are often misinformed and misled, creating substandard experiences in performance and even instances where business owners can be exploited. Allegiant Digital Marketing’s goal is to work towards empowering its partners through knowledge. Helping reduce these scenarios at scale while returning accountability and trust to the digital marketing industry.

With an education-based approach and access to advanced strategies and technologies, the firm has held a 100% retention rate since its inception. Leveraging their one-on-one consulting style and customized digital marketing solutions, the adoption rate of their programs currently holds at a staggering 83.34% success rate. This represents the number of new businesses that inquire into their services and convert into new partners—utilizing Allegiant Digital Marketing exclusively for SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Web Design Services.

As Allegiant Digital Marketing gains momentum, Mr. Markham’s agency stewardship has positively impacted the business community. Their focus on greater transparency in digital marketing has drawn growing support and high adoption. This further illustrates the need among business owners for integrity in digital marketing. Allegiant Digital is charting a new course for the industry by returning to the roots of what makes a business great. By forging together timeless strategies, new technologies, and ongoing education, they foster deepened business relationships that create sustainable success for the future. To learn more about Allegiant Digital Marketing, please visit

Allegiant Digital Marketing is a premier US Based digital marketing agency. It comprises certified, and experienced marketing professionals focused on ROI Based Digital Marketing. “Delivering the future of digital marketing for businesses who want to grow today!”

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