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OBU Marketing Students

Students at Oklahoma Baptist University had the opportunity to partner with Bquiltin Studio to improve the company’s marketing tactics. The students, Allison Lott and Jacob Moore, are both in an internet and digital marketing class taught by the Dickinson Chair of Business professor, Dr. Daryl Green.

Dr. Green assigned students in the class to partner up with businesses around the area to strengthen the skills they have learned in the business program. Such skills specifically focus on strengthening marketing tactics and expanding knowledge on how to operate in a real-world environment. Allison and Jacob were assigned to work with

Beverly Kirk, owner and founder of Bquiltin Studio. Beverly offers custom made quilts through her long arm quilting business, Bquiltin Studio. The students’ goal was to improve digital presence as well as a more traditional presence.

Focusing on digital marketing, the students ran an online marketing campaign through Google Ads and established Bquiltin Studio as a verified business on Google. Through this interactive and intuitive study, the students were able to raise brand awareness for Bquiltin Studio. To improve traditional presence, the students created a customized logo and tri-fold brochure for Beverly to personally distribute to customers. The brochure contains vital information relating to the business that pertains to a target audience.

“The students were able to accomplish increased brand awareness through social media presence in ways I may have not known how to.” Beverly said. “They had to learn the quilting world I flourished in, and that proved to be an asset to me….through that, they were able to set up Bquiltin Studio as an identifier in the quilting industry.”

“It has been a pleasure working alongside

Beverly and practicing the knowledge we have gained,” Allison said. “Being able to know that our work can benefit others and their business made this a very motivating experience.”

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