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Lou Basenese and the team at Trend Trader Daily have launched a new marketing campaign for Digital Fortunes featuring an investment opportunity called “Area 52.”

By subscribing to Digital Fortunes today, you can discover how to potentially earn “quantum profits” by investing in a unique opportunity involving quadrillion-dollar government technology.

What is Lou Basenese talking about with Area 52 technology? Can you really get rich quick by investing in this technology today? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Digital Fortunes and their Area 52 investment opportunity today in our review.

What is Digital Fortunes?

Digital Fortunes is a financial newsletter published monthly by Trend Trader Daily.

Led by Lou Basenese, Digital Fortunes aims to share the most exciting and profitable trends with investors before they’re known to the general public.

Recent investment trends covered by Digital Fortunes have included 5G, cannabis, space-based internet, autonomous cars, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, biometric authentication, and mobile payments.

Simply knowing these trends exist isn’t enough: Lou Basenese aims to go beyond each trend to identify the best investment opportunities within the trend. Then, he shares those opportunities with investors.

Here’s how Lou explains the benefits of Digital Fortunes:

“…with Digital Fortunes, you’ll receive a new investment prospectus every month. Each prospectus is simple and easy-to-understand. It will be about a groundbreaking investment trend, and about a specific trade to profit from it.”

Each report features all of the information you need to make an informed investment decision. Lou recommends a specific stock to buy, and you can do your own research to determine if it’s the right fit.

The goal of Digital Fortunes is to help traders get rich quick with minimal risk. Here’s how Lou explains the moneymaking potential of his recommendations:

“…these are the types of trades that can potentially deliver real-world returns of 50% to 100%+ in short order — without taking unnecessary risk.”

By subscribing to Digital Fortunes today, you can get monthly investment recommendations with similar money making potential. These recommendations have no minimum required amounts, and you can easily invest in the deals through your existing brokerage account.

An annual subscription to Digital Fortunes is priced at $299. However, the price drops as low as $99 through the new promotion.

What is Area 52 and the Quadrillion-Dollar Technology?

As part of a 2022 promotion, the Digital Fortunes team has released a presentation featuring “Area 52” and “quadrillion-dollar” government technology.

Lou claims to have spotted an investment opportunity related to this technology. Investors who take advantage of this opportunity can potentially earn “quantum profits,” according to Lou.

Here are the fast facts about Area 52 and the quadrillion-dollar technology:

“Area 52” is a 52-mile stretch of the Chicago suburbs where the government is currently conducting tests on a major technology

That technology involves quantum computing; if the tests are successful, it will lead to an upcoming breakthrough that will transform our way of life

On August 3, a quantum microchip company could announce a partnership with a major semiconductor supplier, which would mark the beginning of a “quantum gold rush”

If Lou’s prediction is correct, the biggest gains will be gone by August 4, which is why he recommends buying specific stocks today

You can discover complete information about the quadrillion-dollar quantum technology in Lou’s new report, The Quantum Profits Report, which comes bundled with all new subscriptions to Digital Fortunes

Lou believes the quantum technology in development will be worth “10x the existing internet” and will be “critical to America’s national security over the next 100 years.” Investing in this technology today is like investing in Apple, Microsoft, and Google 20 years ago.

It’s the first technology Lou has ever valued above a quadrillion dollars, which is why Lou believes it’s the best investment you’ll ever make. In fact, he describes the opportunity as “the single greatest investment you’ll ever make in your life.”

Earn 1,000% Returns by Investing in Quantum Technology Today

Lou believes we’ve never seen an investment opportunity like the Area 52 technology before. He has valued the technology at over a quadrillion dollars, and he believes investors who buy the right stocks today could earn 1,000% returns on investment.

Here are some of the reasons Lou believes you could earn 1,000% returns on investment:

Area 52’s technology is “the next evolution of humankind” and will lead to some of the most important discoveries in human history. If quantum computing takes off, it could lead to “immortality, teleportation, brain-computer interface[s], holograms, and interstellar travel,” according to Lou.

Some of today’s biggest speculative investment firms have already invested in quantum computing technology with the hopes of making 1,000% to 10,000% returns.

Amazon recently opened an entire campus dedicated to Area 52’s technology, and it could lead to 1,000% gains because of the “Amazon effect.”

Facebook changed its name to Meta to better position itself for the upcoming quantum computing and metaverse revolution, and Lou believes Facebook’s push could lead to 1,000% gains.

Google built a computer using Area 52’s technology. That computer processes complex data more quickly than any previous computer in human history.

Goldman Sachs is rewriting its investment algorithms to accommodate the new technology, and Lou believes the “Goldman effect” could lead to 1,000% gains.

Big pharma, electric vehicles, telecommunications, and other industries could also be transformed by this technology, leading to 1,000% potential gains in each sector, according to Lou.

Because of all of these reasons, Lou claims Area 52 is the best investment opportunity he has ever seen:

“…as a technology analyst of nearly 20 years…I don’t say this lightly, but…Area 52 has the best investment setup I’ve ever seen in my career…”

In fact, Lou claims you could earn “89x your investment” by buying one specific company in the space today. To learn the name and ticker symbol of that company, you need to subscribe to Digital Fortunes.

The 3 Superpowers of Quantum Technology

Why does Lou believe quantum technology will change the world? Lou has identified three “superpowers” linked to quantum technology, including:

Superpower #1: Quantum Technology Can’t Be Hacked: Today’s chip technology has a fatal flaw: it can be hacked. Quantum technology, however, is “impervious to hacking,” according to Lou. Instead of transmitting data in strings of 0s and 1s, quantum computers exist at the subatomic level. And, the data knows when it’s being watched. If a hacker were to observe quantum data in transit, it would collapse. It’s easy to destroy and impossible to copy. With hacks increasingly costing the world’s biggest corporations a fortune, quantum technology could solve that problem.

Superpower #2: Quantum Technology Travels at Light Speed: Quantum data transmits at light speed, and it processes data many times faster than today’s computing technology. Although most computer data technically travels at the speed of light, quantum data remains in an undecided state until the moment it’s called upon to perform a task, which is known as “superposition,” giving devices the ability to perform vast calculations at once.

Superpower #3: Quantum Technology Has Godlike Intelligence: Quantum technology has “godlike intelligence,” according to Lou, and it can solve problems that are infinitely complex. People believe quantum technology can dive into problems that no previous computer has been able to solve. Google’s “Sycamore,” for example, is a quantum microchip that recently did something impossible: it predicted the output of a random number generator.

How to Invest in Quantum Technology Today

It’s no secret that quantum technology could change the world. But what is Lou’s investment opportunity? How does Lou recommend getting a stake in quantum computing?

You could invest in the best-known players in the space. Only five companies have developed fully operational quantum microchips, including:

  • Google
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Rigetti
  • IonQ

However, none of these companies are licensing their chips for wide-scale consumer applications.

Lou has identified a small, Silicon Valley-based company that is licensing chips for consumer applications.

Lou describes the company as a “rising superstar” that is helping chip manufacturers produce quantum microchips for broad-based usage.

The company spent 20 years developing its quantum computing technology, and it has protected that technology with 298 patents.

The company is just 0.03% the size of Amazon, making it an attractive and affordable buy for investors today. Lou believes the company has enormous upside – and the company’s potential will skyrocket further thanks to an August 3 licensing deal.

The Small Quantum Computer Could Sign a Major Deal on August 3

According to Lou’s research, his small quantum computing company is preparing to sign a major licensing deal with a tech giant on or around August 3, 2022.

Because of that licensing deal, Lou believes the company’s sales could rise from $400,000 to 2021 to $58 million in the coming years, or an increase of 14,400%.

The company is preparing to announce its earnings on August 3, and Lou believes the company will also announce its partnership with a major company.

Lou believes his small quantum computing technology company will partner with one of the world’s biggest tech giants, including Samsung, Micron, Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, or Skyworks.

By buying shares in this company today, Lou believes you could earn returns similar to buying Amazon when it launched its Prime membership in 2005 or Apple when it launched the iPhone in 2007.

To learn more about the quantum computing investment opportunity, you need to subscribe to Digital Fortunes today. All subscriptions come with The Quantum Profits Report, a guide featuring “potentially life-changing information” on page three. Lou lists the name, ticker symbol, entry prices, and exit prices for the company.

How Much Money Can You Make with Digital Fortunes?

Lou Basenese and the Digital Fortunes team are confident their predictions can help investors make a lot of money in a short period of time with minimal risk.

Lou claims his readers have earned triple-digit and quadruple-digit returns on his recommended stocks. The promotional page for Digital Fortunes is also filled with stories of investors making huge returns on investment by following the investment guidance in Digital Fortunes.

Here are some of the moneymaking claims featured on the Digital Fortunes website and promotional page:

  • Lou claims his readers have earned returns of 1,223% in OptionXpress, 358% in Apple, 972% in Tesla, and 749% in Energous Corp by buying his recommended stocks
  • Lou claims his Area 52 investment opportunity could deliver ever greater returns; he claims investors have the chance “to pocket up to 89x your investment”
  • Even a small investment could turn into a massive windfall; Lou claims you could turn “$5,000 into $15,000 on the low end, and…as much as $450,000 on the high end…”

What’s Included with Digital Fortunes?


By subscribing to Digital Fortunes today, you get a bundle of bonus reports. Here’s what you get with all new subscriptions to Digital Fortunes:

Monthly Issues of Digital Fortunes: Each month, Lou sends a new issue of Digital Fortunes to your address with new investment recommendations, market analysis, and other information.

Report #1: The Quantum Profits Report: In this report, Lou details a company at the forefront of the quantum computing revolution. It’s not a large or well-known company like Google or IBM; instead, it’s a small Silicon Valley-based company preparing quantum chips for the consumer market. Lou believes the company is announcing a partnership with a tech giant in August 2022. By investing in this company today, investors could earn 89x returns on their investment, according to Lou.

Report #2: How to Profit from the iPhone Killer: Apple is developing a secret device called N421 that could eventually replace mobile phones. Lou has identified a company that is partnering with Apple on N421. That company’s shares are trading for less than $10. However, Lou believes buying shares of the company today is like “owning shares of Apple in 1980.” You get the name and ticker symbol of the stock in this report.

Bonus Report #1: How to 10x Your Money Investing in the Next Tesla Before It Goes Public: Tesla’s biggest gains are likely gone. However, Lou claims to have identified “the next Tesla.” It’s a company building technology at the intersection of three industries, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles.

Bonus Report #2: My #1 Way to Play the Regenerative Medicine Boom: Regenerative medicine could change the world. It enables the self-healing response within your body. In this report, Lou lists one company posed to profit as regenerative medicine surges in growth over the coming years.

Full Access to Model Portfolio: Subscribers receive access to Lou’s model portfolio, which includes all of the stocks Lou has recommended buying, his entry and exit points, and the gains or losses made since recommending that stock. If you want to make similar returns to Lou and other readers, then you can copy this model portfolio or buy specific stocks.

Email Updates: If news breaks between monthly issues, Lou sends an email to subscribers explaining which action to take, including how that news affects the model portfolio.

Digital Fortunes Pricing

Digital Fortunes is priced at $99 to $149 per year, depending on your subscription option.

Here’s how pricing breaks down on the official website:

Basic Offer ($99): 12-month digital subscription to Digital Fortunes.

Very Best Offer ($149): 12-month digital subscription to Digital Fortunes with extra bonus reports and premium customer service.

To get the two bonus reports mentioned above, you need to choose the $149 subscription option.

Your subscription is automatically renewed every year. You can cancel at any time.

Digital Fortunes Refund Policy

Digital Fortunes is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

If you don’t like Digital Fortunes, or if you’re unhappy with any of the information provided, then you can request a complete refund within 30 days. Plus, you can keep all of the bonus material.

About Trend Trader Daily

Trend Trader Daily is a financial publishing company offering a range of free and paid subscriptions.

The company is led by founder and chief investment strategist Lou Basenese, who left Wall Street in 2005 to enter the financial publishing space. Today, Lou is dedicated to identifying rising technology investment opportunities before mainstream investors notice them.

Digital Fortunes is Trend Trader Daily’s flagship newsletter. The company also offers newsletters like Micro-Cap Advantage, Biotech Breakout Alert, Takeover Trader, and Trend Trader Pro.

You can contact Trend Trader Daily via the following:

Final Word

Lou Basenese has launched a new marketing campaign for his Digital Fortunes newsletter.

In that campaign, Lou details a quantum computing company that could skyrocket in growth in August 2022 after it signs a partnership with a major tech company.

Lou believes the company has world-changing technology, and he feels quantum computing will change the planet. By buying shares in the company today, you’re getting a stake in one of the biggest technological advancements in human history.

To learn more about Area 52, Digital Fortunes, and Lou Basenese’s new investment opportunity, visit the official website or subscribe to Digital Fortunes today by clicking here! >>>


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