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Folks often think their lack of training keeps them from landing a job in the tech industry, and they’re right. But you don’t have to rack up student debt to learn entry-level programming skills. Online training courses, such as the ones found in the Coding from Scratch Bootcamp Bundle, may help — and they’re just $25.

With this four-course bundle, you don’t need a tech background to gain hands-on Java, Python, Tailwind, and Sass training. Start with “The Complete Java Masterclass: Learn Java From Scratch” to learn the basics of object-oriented programming, Java collections, and how to solve complex real-world problems with String Class and String Methods. The course also contains job interview prep, so you can best display your developer skills.

“The Complete Python Masterclass 2022: Learn Python From Scratch” teaches you the most recent versions of Python and Django, including how to use them to make full-stack web apps. It also covers using Selenium to automate social media posts, OpenCV to process videos and images, Tkinter for GUI-based Python apps, and much more. Students were delighted with both courses, rating them 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Learn how to design websites faster by using Sass to create style sheets in “Sass Course for Beginners: Learn Sass & SCSS from Scratch.” The training demonstrates how to use Sass to help you write efficient, reusable code and much more. Meanwhile, “Tailwind CSS: A Modern Way to Build Websites Using CSS” covers web development and design in HTML by showing you how to build a real estate portal with an interactive, fully-responsive dashboard.

All of the courses in this bundle are taught by Ashutosh Pawar, whose instructor rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. He is the director of Optimum Solutions, which has provided software solutions to over 200 small and medium companies worldwide. He has created scalable software infrastructure for more than eight years across domains that include finance, medicine, and real estate.

Study modern coding skills on a budget. The Coding from Scratch Bootcamp Bundle is currently on sale for $24.99.

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