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Glasgow plays host to a litany of companies operating across a range of sectors – including fintech, data analytics and drone tech – playing a role and solidifying a reputation as a haven for Glasgow tech startups.

According to CBRE’s 2019 Tech Cities report, Glasgow was ranked as the second most desirable location in which to start or run a business outside of London: surpassing its great east coast rival, Edinburgh.

Glasgow’s infrastructure, academic institutions, and strong creative arts legacy were all highlighted as positive factors in CBRE’s report.

Historically, the city has always been an industrial powerhouse. But while the golden age of manufacturing in Glasgow may have passed, today it forges a new path in science and technology and looks to compete with Edinburgh as the nation’s preeminent startup hub.

In this article, DIGIT looks at 10 of the coolest Glasgow tech startups that have caught our eye.


First on our list of Glasgow tech startups is IT Services and consulting firm Soar which develops “customer focused” digital banking software.

Founded in 2017 by Andrew Duncan, the company provides credit unions with a way to join the smartphone revolution safely and securely through their mobile technology, featuring a dashboard that supports back-office operations.

Soar seeks to address several financial issues affecting everyday Scots. According to stats, 24 million adults in the UK have £500 or less in savings, 4.5m people currently access credit at 100% APR and nine million people live in problem debt situations

The company said it was started in a bid to help those in the ethical finance sector to better meet the demands of their communities while making their world simpler.

In July 2021, Soar secured a partnership with Experian, which provides firms with decision analytics software.

The partnership saw Soar adopt Experian’s SaaS PowerCurve Customer Acquisition platform to help automate lending decisions, transforming their digital onboarding and customer application journey.

Innovatium UK

Coming up in number two of our list of Glasgow tech startups is Innovatium UK, founded in 2017.

Innovatium UK invents, develops, and commercialises equipment and processes which reduce the carbon intensity of existing processes across sectors while enabling greater renewable penetration adoption into the energy mix.

The tech startup focuses on renewable energy, creating the Peak Reduction Integrating the Storage and Management of Air (PRISMA) battery.

The technology combines compressed air production and energy storage, providing users with up to 40% energy savings and hours of back-up energy storage.

“At our core is the desire to use our expertise and creativity to make a positive impact on our environment by creating energy efficient technologies which lead to a meaningful reduction in the carbon footprint of end users,” the company said.

In March this year, the renewable energy tech firm secured more than £900,000 in funding to enhance its pioneering liquid air battery technology.

Led by Kelvin Capital alongside Scottish Enterprise, the investment looked to support the continued development of the company’s PRISMA battery.


Number three on our list of Glasgow tech startups is Willo, founded in 2018 by Euan Cameron and Andrew Wood, and located in the heart of Glasgow. Willo’s talent finder platform allows firms to “hire more talent in less time”.

Using its virtual interviewing platform, employers can receive remote video responses to interview questions remotely, anywhere in the world.

The company said its technology is built from the ground up for a remote-first world, and that it was founded with one guiding mission: “To connect people with opportunity using technology”.

Willo has had a number of major successes since its formation, announcing a £250,000 seed funding round from Guernsey-based VC 1818 Venture Capital and board members in September 2020.

The company also saw growth of at least 80% each month since April of that year, a hugely impressive feat considering the effects of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Willo said it would use the funding to grow further internationally, begin a recruitment drive for 24 members of staff to advance product development.


Number four on our Glasgow tech startups list is Exizent, founded in late 2018. The firm specialises in bereavement software to help make the grieving process easier.

The company streamlines the administrative tasks that families face after the death of a loved one, saying that this process should be easier, and that modern technology solutions and services can make this a reality.

Exizent raised significant funding to transform its tech in September 2020. The firm’s platform connects data, services, and the network of people involved when someone passes away with the aim of increasing efficiency, while simplifying the process.

Nick Cousins, Founder and CEO of Exizent, said: “Our personal experiences are what led us to establish Exizent.

“We believe the administrative tasks facing families after the death of a loved one should be far easier, and that modern technology solutions and services can make this a reality.”


Glasgow tech startups

Nude is a savings account and financial ‘friend’ for first-time home buyers, and comes in at number five on our list of Glasgow tech startups.

The firm’s technology allows buyers to see how long it will take to save their home deposit, and then work to “knock time off your goal”.

Scottish fintech Nude has a small team which has been working to offer help to first-time buyers after being founded by entrepreneur Crawford Taylor, a Senior Owning Partner at Hymans Robertson.

Founded in 2019 by Crawford Taylor, Nude went live in July last year after raising around £3.64 million on Seedrs in 2020.

The company said it has one objective in mind: “We aim to make the financial industry a fairer place, starting with home ownership. Our approach is to make the home buying process easier and a more accessible experience.

“With Nude, you don’t need to know anything about finance, government saving schemes, or the steps involved in buying a home; you just need to decide where you’d like to live and the kind of home and we’ll help you get it.

“Even more, we’ll explain all the things you need to know when you need to know it.”

Nude previously announced its commitment to the FinTech for All pledge, which aims to create a fintech a sector where diversity is encouraged and businesses continue to build inclusive cultures.

The firm signed the pledge and committed alongside FinTech Scotland and a host of 23 Scotland-based fintech companies.


Glasgow tech startups

E-learning provider Continulus said its aim is to improve access to global educators and researchers, and to make it more affordable and convenient, and is number six on our Glasgow tech startups list.

Launched by an A&E doctor in 2019, the Glasgow-headquartered firm provides best learning practices to medical professionals, with users in more than 89 countries.

The firm films courses and conferences from around the world, making them available to view online for users, and delivers fortnightly webinars for health practitioners working in acute and critical care specialities.

Continulus secured £500,000 in funding from a consortium of UK investors in March 2021, looking to use the money to strengthen its management team and enhance its tech capacity to further support global expansion.

Continulus has global partnerships with a range of medical bodies, including the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses.

The company also entered a marketing partnership with EB Medicine, an education provider for doctors with 65,000 members in emergency medicine in the USA.

Continulus Founder and Chief Executive Dr Eoghan Colgan, said: “With existing users in 89 countries and growing, our long-term aim is to become one of the leading global healthcare education providers and to form a worldwide network that can be used to address global healthcare challenges.”

He added: “Both the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change are important factors in our growth since Continulus gives all our users online access to conferences, lectures and events at which, previously, professionals would have had to be physically present.”

Renewable Dynamics

Glasgow tech startups

Our seven entry in the Glasgow tech startups list is energy semiconductor manufacturing firm Renewable Dynamics which provides insight, analysis, and solutions related to dynamics, control, loads and life across energy sectors.

Founded by David Robb and Carlos Gonzales in Glasgow in 2019, the firm has become a leader in the renewable energy sector, providing control engineering solutions for wind and tidal turbines and farms, as well as wave energy devices.

Renewable Dynamics said it “adds value” by applying experience gained over the last 20 years providing controllers for a variety of device manufacturers, including key industry leaders and innovators.

This experience, the company said, provided them with a “deep understanding of aeroelastic modelling, design, loads and performance analysis”.

Services offered by the company include consultancy, system modelling performance analysis and fault identification, control design and active load reduction, and load calculation as well as life assessment and solution implementation, commissioning, and service.


Glasgow tech startups

hubb is in AI, automation and data science-powered insurance platform established in Glasgow in 2019, which offers a transparent approach to business insurance and is number eight on our Glasgow tech startups list.

The company’s technology ecosystem provides its clients with a 360-view of their insurance policies at any time.

Hubb acquired insurance technology provider Digital Fineprint (DFP) in January this year for an undisclosed sum to enhance its customer-centric approach.

In acquiring DFP, hubb said it would benefit from its focus on data and business intelligence and will be able to expediate the quotation process and provide a more bespoke service for its customers through advanced tech capability.

Additionally, the broker will also be able to provide valuable risk insight to quoting insurers.

As a result, the DFP team will now merge with hubb personnel and CTO, Ulrich Zink, will expand his role across the whole business.

Mark Costello, co-founder and CEO of hubb, confirmed: “This acquisition puts hubb in a unique position in the insurance market and allows us to offer more true value to our commercial and business owning clients.

“Moreover, it enables us to significantly expedite our plans to be the world’s most transparent, technologically-advanced and customer-centric insurance business.”


Glasgow tech startups

Next we have the penultimate entry on our Glasgow tech startups article. Network security company Lupovis’ AI-powered deception technology allows people to improve alert fidelity and reduce alert fatigue within their security frameworks.

Lupovis’ dynamic deception tech uses a network of collaborative decoys to lead cyber-attackers away from assets such as personal data or sensitive information, or to stop hackers shutting down systems as they bid to damage business continuity.

This offers the attacker incentives that steer them on a certain path. Once a network has been penetrated, the system entices attackers by creating an offensive deception environment, which engages them from the minute a move is made within the network.

In December last year, the University of Strathclyde cybersecurity spin-out announced the securing of more than £615k in pre-seed investment.

Lupovis said it would use the money to expand its team and enhance further functionalities within the platform.

Additionally, the funding would be used to further develop its proactive cyber-defence solution, led by the team at the University’s Centre for Intelligent and Dynamic Communications, which makes the ‘hunter become the hunted.’

Dr Xavier Bellekens, the CEO of Lupovis, said: “Our system uses artificial intelligence to create scenarios which mirror the existing infrastructure of an organisation and engages the attacker into believing they are progressing towards assets of value, turning networks from a flock of sheep to a pack of wolves.

“We are in a unique position where we have unrivalled data on attacker techniques, methods and behaviour. We will feed this data into our platform, so our customers will always remain one step ahead of attackers, predicting their next move, long before they actually make it.”

Gibson Robotics

Glasgow tech startups

Gibson Robotics is an aviation and aerospace component manufacturing company founded in 2020 by Joe Gibson and the final entry on our Glasgow tech startups list.

The Glasgow-based startup develops drones designed to tackle industry-specific problems.

In a statement on its website, the company said: “We intend to drive the disruption drones will bring to industries and society.

“Drone technology is the future. We want to play an important role in shaping and defining that future.”

The firm produces cutting-edge autonomous uninhabited aerial systems (UASs) with a primary focus on solving problems in the security and defence sector to protect and ensure the safety of civilians, critical infrastructure, and restricted airspace.

“We believe this is an important step in accelerating the progress in urban air mobility technology. We operate primarily out of Glasgow with an office at the Bayes Centre in Edinburgh.”

Investors in the company include Gabriel Investment Syndicate, Scottish Enterprise, University of Strathclyde, and others.

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