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As a sought-after web developer with two decades of experience helping companies compete in the online marketplace, Richard Whitney now plans to use his website,, to also showcase and explain his industry’s software tools.

And he’s come up with the acronym LEMEN (la-MEN) to highlight the first five of these tools.

“The web development industry is constantly innovating,” notes Whitney. “That is perhaps its key strength, though one which can distract anyone new to the game about what’s truly effective and proven. In my experience there are five basic software technologies that stand out as indispensable to any modern web developer’s toolbox.”

These tools give commercial websites the robustness and dependability they need to display across the entire spectrum of devices used by consumers to access the Internet. And today’s entrepreneurs benefit by better understanding them, he says.

“For instance, Linux is the operating system native to the android-based smartphones used daily by a majority of people. Four other software technologies which also stand out are Nginx, MySQL, Express.js and Node.js. Each has proven its superiority within its space, and all are therefore a part of every applicable client project I take on,” Whitney adds.

His own website features visually striking examples of websites created for clients.

“Superior visual presentation is what most new clients are drawn to initially. But the real payoff is in just how proper background software can enhance functionality and enable trouble-free website use. Especially for the more active commercial websites.”

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