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Hobbies are meant to be used for enjoyment and passing time. But did you know that you can make earnings by posting your hobby on online platforms? These hobbies can be turned into side hustles or even full-time jobs. The beauty of online hobbies is that you can achieve fulfillment while still making money from an enjoyable activity.

The earnings can allow you to do some small projects and in some cases you might even become a millionaire. Below, we have listed some of the most profitable hobbies on the internet. You can earn through affiliate marketing, starting a business, freelancing and building an audience.

Illustration and Design

Many freelancers offer services that involve designing attractive artworks.  Most artists normally sell their illustrations on online platforms like Fiverr. Clients normally look for freelancers who can create custom portraits, marketing projects and other creative designs.

Artists have the freedom of placing their artwork on items like canvases, posters and t-shirts. This will help artists get control of their art. You should learn how to turn your art into a product that can be sold for profit. It’s important to create a unique brand that targets a specific market.

Hatecopy is one of the businesses that involve putting artwork onto things that can be sold in the market.

Online Gambling

Online casinos are web-based platforms that provide online gambling businesses. They’ll help you reach customers using hand-held gadgets. The casino’s app or website will allow you to compete against other gamblers or the casino.

To access online casinos, you must have money, working internet connection and a device. Most customers use devices like tablets, mobile phones and computers. You’ll be required to register for an account before you can deposit your first payment. However, some casinos will not require an initial payment, these websites award players with a welcome bonus. You’ll have the option of placing bets and choosing your favorite games. From here, the website will begin operating like a traditional casino.

The players have the freedom of withdrawing and depositing funds as they wish. The money is hosted securely in your account. Online platforms normally use encryption technologies to safeguard the players’ money. For instance, some companies use HTTPS and SSL. The casino is linked to your bank account. There are many top Canadian online casinos that you can choose from.


Many people practice writing as a hobby although this venture can be turned into a lucrative career. You can build a brand by establishing yourself as an expert of a specific field. Successful writers normally share their blogs on websites and various social media platforms. Alternatively, writers can also get paid to write for other people’s blogs. It’s therefore possible to rent out your expertise.

You can sell your writing skill by working as a freelancer on platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. You can also do paid gigs for blogs by contacting themselves directly. There is a high demand for niche experts who are good at creating engaging content.

It’s advisable to create your own blog post if you have the patience and discipline to nurture a personal blog-based business. You’ll reap the rewards of building a loyal audience.

Blog posts are based on topics like traveling, automobiles, health care, education, financial literacy, cooking, technology and real estate.


If you told someone in the 1970s that people would be playing video games in the future, then he/she wouldn’t believe you. Most young people consider playing video games to be a dream job. This has to be one of the most luxurious ways to make money. Some players have been known to make a monthly income of up to $10,000.

Live streaming is the most popular method to make money from gaming. Alternatively, you can also make money from:

  •         Starting a YouTube channel or podcast that deals with gaming content
  •         Competitive gaming
  • Selling video game accounts
  •         Players can stream their live gameplay

Take Action: you should start by determining the best method to showcase your gaming skills. Choose something that matches with your personality. The most realistic way to get paid is by creating a YouTube channel or Streaming your gameplay. 


Blogging is one of the best side hustles for people who want to increase their monthly income. The beauty of this job is that you can do it during your free time at work and at home.

The beauty of blogging is that it can be done by people who have studied in different fields. Technical experts like doctors, lawyers and journalists offer knowledge on various topics. This means that you can earn money while enjoying your favorite hobby. It doesn’t get better than that, right?

The blogs offer different options for monetization. Most bloggers earn from the running adverts in their websites.

Blogging can be pursued as a full-time career by individuals who want to turn it into a business. There are numerous bloggers who make big bucks. However, most bloggers grind for a long time before they turn their blogs into lucrative businesses. However, it’s important to remember that blogs can generate 6 or 7 figure earnings.

The value of most blogs appreciates over the years. This means that a blog is an asset that can be sold for a profit. For instance, web design and photography websites can be sold for six figures. It’s therefore possible to change your family’s life using earnings from blogging.

Blogs are business hobbies that can generate earnings using the following methods:

  •         AdSense
  •         Publishing sponsored content
  •         Displaying adverts (like banners)
  • Offering services
  •         Selling and creating your own physical or digital products
  •         Affiliate marketing (marketing products that are owned by other people)


Many people are interested in finding the easiest recipes on YouTube. It’s therefore smart for you to cater for this large audience that is always craving for new content. Google has released some statistics that indicate 59% of young people consult their mobile phones while in the kitchen. Prepare delicious foods that can be cooked using workable recipes. There is a wide market for DIY cooking content. It remains one of the best money making hobbies.



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