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Hello guys, I have a basic experience in Swift UI, and recently, I’ve collected several app ideas, one of them is building a physical games app for iPhone and iPad, but I don’t really know where to start and how to act on my idea! Can someone tell me where to start and what to do as the first step??

Thank you in advance


The first thing I would do is plan out the flow for the app or game. Typically SwiftUI apps are made up of screens. Will users go sequentially or be able to access them out of a sequential order?

Will users have to log in? If so are they to be authenticated?

How will your navigation and data communication move between screens

You have to answer a whole number of questions before you start building as it is faster an easier than doing or undoing development work.

Put yourself in the shoes of a user and think about the things that bother you or you like about other apps. Then decide how to add or avoid these things.

Apple has pretty good documentation – SwiftUI reference and tutorial on creating a basic SwiftUI app.

There are also loads of SwiftUI tutorials and YouTube vids that can help shape your thinking.

There are several different ways to develop apps however this is what has worked for me.

I hope this helps.


Thank you brother for your reply. I will follow the steps that you mentioned. My idea is to create a sports activities app for schools where the school can organize the activities and show the students what kind of activities they have during the week. Also, I was thinking that the parents should follow their kid’s activities. I’m not really sure how to act on this idea and what kind of design it requires to create this app, I will probably need some images to introduce my app.

As ServerStorm said you should begin by defining the functional requirements of the app. The technology isn’t as important as having a clear picture and concise understanding of what you are building. From that understanding you should create some screens using wireframes or design application of your choosing. At that point you can then begin to seek out technology solutions and program it. Anything less will result in a very rocky road increasingly unlikely to result in anything useful or complete.

A great framework to define user requirements is user stories.

Here is a real world example of user stories that I’m using to framework one of my projects in the planning stage.

Everything except the Branding issue at the top is a user story.

Hello there, If you’re interested in constructing an application but don’t know where to begin, I suggest you explore utilizing React.JS. React is a JavaScript package that simplifies the creation and management of user interfaces and state. Best of all, it is quite simple to learn if you already know JavaScript.

First, you’ll need to install the React library. You can do this using a package manager like npm. Once you have React installed, you can create a new file and start coding. The first thing you’ll need to do is import the React library into your file. You can do this with the following line of code:

import React from ‘react’;

Once you have React imported, you can start creating UI components. Each component is a JavaScript function that returns a React element, you can view Tutorial so you will not make any mistake.

I will also recommend React base on my experience since it will give great performance, low-cost development, modularity, reusable wrapper components, and other advantages for your app.

Here are other techniques I’ll recommend to you if you don’t know where to start from

  1. You may come up with a brilliant app idea by modifying an existing concept or by combining aspects from other applications that you like.
  2. Even if you are aware that an app already exists to tackle this issue, make notes any of these ideas because, as you will see in the following phase, there may be an opportunity to create a superior app.
  3. Improve your ideas by listening to user feedback of the app that inspires you and using that input into the development of your own app.

I hope you are satisfied with my answer!

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