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Depending on what your business goals are, your PPC campaigns should be a clear reflection of this and work hand in hand. Whether you are looking to drive traffic to your website, increase lead generation or rank higher on search engines, PPC campaigns help you achieve these goals within your strategy. 

SEO & PPC Methods

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing have become a huge part of most businesses’ daily practices now, and here’s how you can implement the best PPC Management Services to increase and convert traffic and leads from search engines. 

Sometimes, the keywords you wish to use and optimise for your SEO strategies are also being used by some of the larger competitors in your field, which can cause your business to fall back in the shadows. 

However, this is when PPC comes in and potentially saves the day. Simply put, PPC ad campaigns allow businesses to run search ads, shopping ads, and video ads on Google or Bing, and then pay a fee only when a customer clicks on your ad. 

Utilising PPC campaigns is a great way to reach your target audience directly, while also being cost effective. Because of the in-depth research and targeting, your ads will be shown to the most appropriate target audience on top of Google’s search results page. Meaning, only people who are actually interested in your ads will click them. 

Google Ads are the most commonly used PPC advertising tools but you can also run PPC ads on platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. 

Don’t forget about remarketing ads!

Another PPC strategy is remarketing. Remarketing ads target those who have already shown an interest in your product or service, which of course, is a great way of increasing conversion. This is when PPC specialists use content remarketing to attract prospective leads and convert them into customers.

We have all left something in our online baskets, but do you remember receiving an email about it? Or potentially seeing an ad of that exact item, sometimes with a more personalised message, on Facebook, Google, Instagram or Pinterest? This is the fundamentals of remarketing. 

The key benefits of using PPC ads vary from increased website traffic, enhanced and aligned brand awareness, the control you have over advertising costs (because you only pay depending on how many people click your link/ad), and of course, the ability to monitor ad performance in real time. 

PPC Complexities 

However, there can be complexities when it comes to PPC, such as understanding how PPC auctions work, which keywords you should be optimising for your campaigns, how much money you should be spending to actually get a return on advertising spend, when to begin, stop and analyse campaigns and more. 

This being said, it can become tricky keeping track of your expenditure if you aren’t carefully managing your campaigns.

This is not the only aspect to look out for though, as you also need to build a PPC strategy based on your business goals, while researching keywords and audience for ad research, creating content for your ads, managing and maximising bid return on ad spend too. Of course, you can’t forget tracking your campaign’s performance and reporting the results. 

This is where PPC Management Services come in. PPC specialists implement the right strategies so you can see an increase in leads, calls and or sales. Implementing PPC management services can support your business objectives and run pay-per-click ads on various channels. All while ensuring you achieve the most cost-effective and impactful results, and ideally, this should all be done under one roof.

Having an expert team on-hand

The digital world is ever-changing, which means that campaign manager’s jobs are to stay on top of digital trends and tools and apply this to optimise every aspect of your marketing strategies. 

They have access and advantaged and expert knowledge to resources such as keyword research tools, competition research tools, ad copy tools and reporting tools that you may not have access to, nor have the time to learn to use. Thankfully, they will know which resources to use for your business goals and strategies. 

PPC specialists are experts at monitoring your campaign activity, and analysing how successful your campaigns are. They make strategic moves that enhance your campaigns, such as adding PPC keywords, split ad groups, refining landing pages for you and more. 

Although PPC marketing sounds relatively simple, there are many other factors to ensure successful campaigns. For example, because Google gets a large amount of traffic, keyword relevance, landing page quality, quality score, creativity and credibility are all key points which PPC specialists are on hand to help you with. 

Although, this definitely does not include the whole scope of work. PPC advertising includes paid search and display advertising, YouTube advertising and Amazon sponsored ads, tying campaign goals and KPI results to your actual business growth too.

Final words

One of the greatest benefits of using PPC is that you see a return on investment quite quickly. So, If your goal is to grow your business, generate leads and sales, then PPC management services can help push and keep your business on the right track, while you focus on your expert knowledge, elsewhere.

About the Author: Larry Kotch is the co-founder of The Brains, an award-winning digital marketing agency in London. Ranked #3 in B2B Marketing’s Global 30 under 30, Larry leads a dedicated, remote team of talented digital marketing professionals.

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