My online side hustle earns me $6,000 a month – I can make hundreds from a one-hour gig… – The US Sun

SOCIAL media has become a lucrative business, with some people able to bring in thousands of dollars for just hours of work a week.

One such influencer, Stephanie Nuesi, says she works a few hours extra a week on her online career consulting service.

An influencer makes over $6,000 using LinkedIn to gain clients


An influencer makes over $6,000 using LinkedIn to gain clients

But the work can net the 23-year-old more than $6,000 a month.

Nuesi is a full-time associate financial analyst at Google, according to Business Insider.

On her off hours, she’s been working on Max Up, a startup she founded in college. She depends largely on LinkedIn to gain clients and brand deals, where she has 120,100 followers.

In May, she got three brand deals totaling $6,875. Some of these deals also asked for content to be posted on other platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

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Thanks to her following and brand deals, she’s been able to spend virtually nothing on advertising.

Max Up offers resume and cover letter reviews, career coaching, and interview prep sessions. There are multiple packages to choose from, including a resume touch-up for as low as $147.

LinkedIn has brought Nuesi speaking jobs as well where she can make $500 for one hour of work.

She’s been using LinkedIn since 2019 and got her big break in 2021 when she shared two posts chronicling her first two days of work at Google.

Now, she posts four updates on LinkedIn each week.

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At LinkedIn, she’s a “managed creator” and was given an in-house strategist and also gets access to press opportunities and networking events.

Jodie Filogomo also found a way to earn extra income from social media after she retired.

After selling her dentistry practice, she tapped into a lifelong passion and started creating content through blogs and social media.

Jodie told The Sun: “I always joke that I work harder now that I’m retired.”

She discovered ways to supplement her retirement by drawing in money through her brand.

She launched a fashion blog called Jodie’s Touch of Style nine years ago and created an Instagram page to show off her wardrobes.

Jodie has amassed more than 25,000 followers between Instagram and Facebook, and currently earns around $2,500 per month from her platform.

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And The Sun spoke with another influencer who makes up to $100,000 a day from her brand.

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