A touch of drama helps but un-stereotyping in ads likely to unlock higher marketing return on investment – – Economic Times

Indians love to ride fulfilling story arcs and a touch of drama helps although unstereotyping in advertising is likely to unlock higher marketing return on investment, according to Kantar, which tested more than 13,000 creatives for clients around the world including over 1300 creatives in India.

In its annual Creative Effectiveness report, the data and analytics firm said Indians are open to suspending their disbelief for the well-visualized film. In addition, emotive contexts have the potential to make the consumers warm up to even the dry functional categories.

“The spread of ads that consumers have perceived to be both creative and effective is an affirmation of the fact that the space for creativity even in the context of marketing ROI is infinite,” said Soumya Mohanty, managing director, Insights Division, Kantar. “While there is no magic formula for creating such ads, we can start with the right ingredients and refine them by testing them out with consumers.”

The researcher also announced the winners of the second edition of Indian brands that were effective on the TV and digital mediums. Hindustan Unilever bagged four awards, two for digital and TV each. Other brands that won for TV creatives included Amazon, , Mondelez and Corporation.

Kantar’s collaboration with the Unstereotype Alliance led to the development of the Unstereotype metric (UM) that acts as a measure of gender portrayal in advertising. It said unstereotyping in advertisements signifies strong brand equity and is likely to impact short-term sales as well. There are clear and present rewards for brands that seek to be at the forefront of embedding progressive gender roles, according to the firm. UM is now measured for more than 14,000 ads across 70 countries, 3,300 brands and 251 categories.

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