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Search engine optimisation (or SEO) tends to be a costly
endeavour that generally does not result in immediate gains,
either in terms of search engine rankings or in increased
profits. This, combined with many fly-by-night SEO companies
promising the world and delivering little can make SME
owners with already tight budgets think twice about
investing in this particular form of marketing.

when SEO is undertaken correctly and with the help of a
seasoned professional, SMEs generally see great returns on
investment and even find themselves competing well against
much larger competitors. The key to gaining such results is
investing in local SEO. By optimising for the specific area
wherein a business is physically located, it’s possible to
gain far more organic traffic to your website. This
increased traffic then results in increased conversions to
actual sales.

How? Well, local SEO services
ensure that you’re not only targeting people who can
easily and physically access your business, but that
you’re marketing to those specifically looking for what
you have to offer. More than 50% of all Google searches are
localised, with over 80% of these consumers looking for very
specific products or services by using exact keywords like
‘near me’ or ensuring that they’ve turned on their
phone location setting. Optimising for these kinds of
searches means that more people looking for your particular
product or service will not only see your entry in search
results but likely actively purchase what they

While it takes time to reap the rewards of local
SEO, SMEs’ patience most often results in great marketing
campaign savings, quality reputation building, and a loyal
customer base. Great local SEO can, thus, help your SME grow
and reach more relevant customers in ways that other
marketing approaches simply cannot help you

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