Entrepreneur Hafis Ismail’s integral curiosity led him to the door of success – Deccan Herald

Do you remember how a few years ago ‘the internet’ was merely a place where people used to go for leisure time? Mostly people played games, connected with others through social media, or maybe used the World Wide Web for watching entertainment videos. However, with changing times the ‘Internet’ also evolved and so did its uses. Now people have started getting a better understanding of it and ultimately due to digitization, it has also become an earning source for many. Many individuals are acing and making a name for themselves in this realm and out of those, one of the most prominent persons who carved a niche around himself is Hafis Ismail, an emerging entrepreneur who is also the founder of Webfluid, one of the emerging digital marketing agencies in India.

Hafis’s road to reaching such heights had a lot of hurdles right from the start. He always had an inclination toward the digital world and the same can be testified by the fact that even during his school, he  spent the majority of his time with computers. The fact that people could make money online always fascinated him and he ended up doing a lot of research and development about the same. After a year of sheer hard work and dedication, Hafis received his first paycheck of $100 from Google Adsense that too at the young age of 18. However, after that, his family insisted him on pursuing mechanical engineering as they felt that it had a better scope. However, this did not stop Hafis and he still continued freelancing in his desired field, following his passion. Eventually, after graduation, he decided to take charge of his life and joined a Canada-based SEO agency, after that, he continued working with numerous national and international marketing agencies. 

In the year 2017, Hafis Ismail decided that he no longer wanted to work under anyone, instead, he started his own digital marketing agency called Webfluid. The brand provides services like web development, SEO, digital advertising, and much more. Unfortunately in the initial days, the company had to face a lot of challenges which included a lack of revenue as the fixed cost was too high. So in 2019, Hafis Ismail took a step and started functioning his agency in a fully remote working model. Applications like Google Meet, Slack, and Monday.com acted like a knight in shining armour for him and  eventually helped him save a lot of costs. Even when the world was hit by the Covid Pandemic, the brand benefited as they were already on a location-independent model. 

Talking about his journey Hafis Ismail shares, “Honestly, I will forever be grateful that I decided to do something that was of my interest. There is no doubt that there were a lot of roadblocks along the way but it gives me immense happiness that at the end of the day I’m following my passion. There is this one thing that I would like to tell every budding entrepreneur, ‘never give up’. You might fall but remember that you are strong enough to get up and start your journey again. Go conquer the world.”

At Webfluid, they believe in innovation and work-life balance. Under the able leadership of Hafis Ismail, these two things have helped them get an upper hand in the industry. At present they have employees and clients from all over the globe. To date, they have worked with over 3,000 clients from almost 80 different countries. In the near future Hafis envisions expanding the company’s horizon even further and touching even more milestones.

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