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GUEST OPINION: A PPC campaign is an effective marketing method to improve your reach, create brand awareness, and get high-quality leads. As much as it is effective, being a PPC agency can be an overwhelming experience for many small online marketing agencies due to limited resources. That’s why many online marketing agencies hire other agencies to handle their white label PPC management effectively and within the budget.

Hiring a white-label PPC agency offers plenty of benefits. You don’t have to deal with direct ad campaigns and yet provide the desired campaign results to your clients. But before hiring a random agency you come across, you need to ensure that it’s the right choice. The wrong agency would deliver poor results for your clients and hamper your reputation. To avoid that and find the best agency, here are four things you need to consider when hiring a white-label PPC agency.


Online marketing agency contracts can be tricky, especially when you hire an agency to do your white label PPC management. A long-term contract with an unsuitable agency can be a disaster for you and your clients. A poorly drafted agreement will miss essential clauses that might cause legal problems and conflicts.

Always check the contract terms before signing. Double-check the contract deliverables, durations, clauses, and deadlines. It’s also essential to verify the payment terms before you finalize things. Always remember a contract is a legal document that can save you from legal troubles. Most agencies have long-term agreements you might have to follow even if you don’t need their services. Look for agencies that offer month-month services and no long-term contracts so you can terminate their services when you don’t need them.


Pricing is essential in hiring an agency to manage your PPC campaigns. As you will be charging your clients for the services, the agency pricing shouldn’t be more than what your clients pay you plus your commissions. That way, you can be in a good profit margin ratio.

If you are concerned about pricing, try to avoid long-term contracts. Long-term contracts can legally bind you to purchase their services at pricing which may not be relevant after a few months. Therefore, opt for monthly payments ranging from $250 to $350 based on campaign size and volume. Also, look for hidden charges, such as setup costs or cancellation fees.


Although most PPC agencies focus only on their core offering, they often offer additional services relevant to their domain. That means a white-label PPC agency can provide services like social media management, link building, blogging, SEO auditing, and email marketing. If these additional services can help you expand your offerings, you can negotiate more deals with the agency to provide more services.


Reviews are an effective way to get insightful information about the agency. These reviews are often provided by previous agency clients and can help you make an informed decision. You should also look for reviews with keywords like the contract, pricing, value, and results.

Hiring a white-label PPC agency doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you have plenty of resources to compare the agencies and find the best one. Consider these factors before signing any contract and ensure the agency offers the services you need.

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