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Scottsdale, AZ, July 09, 2022 –(– Direct selling is a decades old way of doing business that has created thousands upon thousands of successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Its traditional “belly to belly” sales and recruiting strategies have had to shift in today’s digital age, and The Sheffield Group’s semi-annual “New Direct Selling Conference” focused on guiding those in the direct selling industry into modern ways of keeping that intimate direct sales experience. Ezzey’s Michael Hamburger and Ross Denny were invited to speak at the May 6 and 7 event about the power and importance of going digital in today’s market.

“I’ve known and worked with Mike Sheffield as an executive with an MLM company and now as a vendor for over 10 years now. Seeing what Mike and his team at Sheffield have put together is incredible. It was an honor to work with so many budding start-up MLM companies at the “New Direct Selling Conference,” as well as the major players that work with the Sheffield team! Nowhere else on the planet can someone find such a powerful list of heavily vetted vendors readily available to virtually ensure a start-ups success,” shared Ezzey CEO Michael Hamburger.

This year’s first event was held in person for the first time since February 2020 and the excitement of being back together face to face was brimming. Expert speakers from across the direct selling spectrum took the time to highlight just how valuable it is to utilize the digital tools available to direct sellers today. From the new selling and recruiting mindset, to the software that can be used to manage business, Heads of companies like Multisoft, Hanna Shea, Think Box, Trinity Software, Nexio and many more gave invaluable insights to a room full of companies and entrepreneurs hungry to consume.

Among the highlights of the event, Hamburger and Denny took to the stage to talk about how replacing traditional marketing techniques with more modern digital marketing strategies could be keys to boosting business for direct sellers. Ezzey’s expertise in SEO, Brand Reputation, Social Media Automation, Digital Infrastructure and a range of other digital marketing strategies gave conference attendees a clear picture of how to transition their business practices into what consumers expect from companies today. After their respective times speaking from the stage, several groups of attendees elected for more focused time with Michael and Ross in private breakout sessions to learn more specifically about the potential impact digital marketing could have on their businesses.

“We are ecstatic to be witnessing the paradigm shift starting to occur in Direct Sales after all these years of us sharing the critical nature of incorporating and utilizing Digital Marketing efforts AND adding a Retail Sales channel to compliment the Direct Sales channel for marketing. It is great to see Direct Sales companies starting to not only understand that BUT now are taking action as they know the importance of incorporating Digital Marketing Selling techniques and also adding a Retail Sales sales’ channel is quintessential to their success. The company owners came to this conference with an appetite to take this in and implement it~! One of the topics I spoke on was the importance of the Company creating and OWNING the responsibility for their online reputation. With probably 20 questions being asked, it goes to show company owners get it. And the fact that both Michael and I’s private appointment schedules filled up within hours, was a testament they see the many benefits of implementing these strategies to create sales growth (retail customers in particular), increasing brand notoriety & authority online, and maintaining regulatory compliance integrity by generating more retail sales from customers. It is when leaders of Direct Sales Companies make the decision to bring in the experts to execute in areas in which they currently aren’t flourishing that these benefits are generated. The feedback was tremendous as company owners shared things like ‘it was great to have people like ourselves that have the experience of owning & running their our own direct sales companies (Michael & Ross) sharing Digital Marketing tactics’ and that combined with our incredible Digital Marketing Team at Ezzey, we are able to show Direct Sales Companies how to add a Retail Sales Channel so that it compliments and not cannibalizes the Direct Sales channel,” shared Ezzey Co-Founder and President Ross Denny.

While the way we do business may have changed from traditional marketing to the digital space, success in any business will always rely on relationships. Ezzey Digital Marketing and The Sheffield Group are both looking forward to a shared growth with clients in the direct selling industry. With another “New Direct Selling Conference” happening again later this year, the excitement to host and present again is definitely mutual.

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Ezzey Digital Marketing is a full scope digital marketing agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona that focuses on true customer growth for their clients. Specializing in both paid and organic marketing strategies to attract highly qualified potential customers for their clients, the Ezzey team uses a whole brand omnichannel approach to develop winning campaigns for clients around the world. Ezzey Digital Marketing is always on the lookout for clients that are ready to supercharge their digital marketing efforts with strong foundations in place.

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