Yes, You Can Still Make Money in This Market –

We’ve all heard it. We’ve seen it all over the news. This market is changing—again. But, while we do need to be conscious of those shifts, we are here to say:

  • YES, you can still make money in this market.
  • YES, your business can still grow in this market.
  • YES, you can still generate leads in this market.

Yes, you can thrive in this market. But you have to put in the work. So here are three steps to build your lead generation without spending a fortune.

Become the local market expert

Online and in-person, you want to establish yourself as the local real estate expert. Attend community events wearing your name badge, and you will see how many people ask, “How’s the market?”—that’s your cue to engage in meaningful conversation. It is your chance to show your expertise and build your brand authority.

Nurture and grow your network through consistent and meaningful communication, whether an in-person coffee or a weekly newsletter with valuable housing tips or hyperlocal market data. Even if people in your sphere are not ready to buy or sell their home, they will remember the last real estate agent who contacted them when it comes time to enter the market. Better yet, they may refer you to someone in their sphere looking for an agent. Remember, provide value, and you will reap the benefits. Here are more strategies to build a hyperlocal brand.

Always ask for the business

Many agents struggle with this step. We are here to say that you can ask for the business in a way that feels authentic and natural. Simply pose the question, “If you know anyone who’s moving any time soon, would you please keep me in mind?”

As referrals start to come your way, note the source(s) in your database, and prioritize these high-producing clients with consistent contacts and engagement. Here are more ways to convert from your sphere of influence.

Build your brand through personalization

There are tons of real estate agents, but there is only one you. Use video to engage with your audience, display your unique skills, grow your following, and establish your brand. You can provide value through education, information, entertainment, or a combination of the three. Remember, done is better than perfect with video, just be yourself, have some fun, and know that just like any skill, the more you do it, the better you get.

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Julie Pierson-Fields is the vice president of marketing for Fathom Holdings Inc. She is an international award-winning marketer who has spent her career helping organizations and brands grow their business. You can reach Julie at

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