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A GTA Online user who quickly made $100 million of in-game cash has told fellow players about how to earn money fast in Cayo Perico.

Since its introduction in a late 2020 update, Grand Theft Auto Online’s Cayo Perico has proven the go-to destination for easy money.

Notably, the island paradise plays host to a massive score replete with expensive loot, which players can try taking advantage of by helming a heist.

Prep work and assembling a competent crew can help mitigate the challenge of walking away with a good score. But taking on the Cayo Perico Heist solo serves as another way of raking in a lot of cash.

GTA Online player on how to earn fast money in-game

gta online cayo perico heist earn money fast

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Grinding in Grand Theft Auto Online’s island paradise.

Reddit user Ducky935 has earned $300 million in GTA Online, $100 million of which they apparently secured in less than two weeks.

The secret to the player’s riches lies on the island of Cayo Perico, where repeated playthroughs of the heist allowed them to rake in millions of dollars.

In a follow-up Reddit post, Ducky935 noted that earning an “easy $1 million every heist” helped them achieve their ambitious $300 million goal.

Each mission requires five “super-easy” preps; plus, those who “play fast,” should be able to wrap up the finale in 10 minutes or so. Finally, playing solo means all profits from the gig go to one person.

Several Redditors chimed in to lament the grind involved in navigating the Cayo Perico heist multiple times.

Even the original poster called the Cayo Perico activities “boring,” saying they mostly focused their attention on other forms of entertainment while playing.

At the very least, GTA Online users looking to quickly earn lots of money now know of a surefire, albeit tedious, method.

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