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The cost of living crisis is set to deepen over the coming months following the latest predictions from Cornwall Insights that Ofgem’s energy cap is set to rise from the current record-breaking £1,971 to £3,245 from October. The UK Government’s additional £15 billion package of support payments start this week, with £326 landing in merely 8 million bank accounts between July 14 and 31.

However, many households will not qualify for extra cash help through one-off cost of living payments, or the £150 Council Tax rebate for everyone in bands A to D, or already receiving a bill reduction in Scotland. The only support they can expect is the £400 energy bill reduction which will be paid directly to suppliers and deducted from accounts over six months.

As a result, people are looking for other ways to increase their income, on top of their current job. According to Google Trends data, in the seven days leading up to July 11, 2022, searches for ‘’how to make money from home’ increased by 450%.

As people look for ways to top up their bank account, financial comparison website NerdWallet has picked out five side hustles that can be started today, from the comfort of your own home.

Five ways to make money on the side


Becoming a blogger is something that can be started from your living room. If you have an interest or passion that you feel people will care about – and you can offer a unique perspective on it – then you have a chance of building up an audience.

It’s worth noting that making money out of blogging can take a lot of time, as you will need to have a big enough audience for companies to want to advertise on your site. You can look at the possibility of including affiliate links – commision from other sites when people buy a product or take out a service from a dedicated link – onto your blog to generate some extra income too.

Tutor or teacher

If you are skilled in a particular area, you could use your expertise to teach others. Teaching doesn’t just fall under school subjects like Maths, English and Science, if you can play an instrument or speak another language, these may be skills you can share with others and earn some money from.

Tutoring could work around your schedule too, as many subject matters can be covered both in-person and online. This can save on travelling time and make you a more flexible proposition to potential clients.

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If you have an in-depth knowledge of an industry or profession, you could offer your services to businesses who need support in that area of expertise. Business networking websites such as LinkedIn could help you promote your consultancy and connect with potential clients.

Your local Chamber of Commerce may be able to support you with advice or funding if you become a member, so it’s worth finding out what support is available in your region.

Pet sitter

If you love animals, pet sitting for people in your area could be a good way to earn some extra money. Whether you become a dog walker, pet groomer or a house sitter whilst the owners are away, you could make money looking after a furry friend.

It’s worth noting that you may need to consider business insurance if you are working with other people’s pets.


Gardening is a relaxing hobby for some people and for others it’s a chore. If you have green fingers and a good eye for design, you may be able to set up a gardening business. You will be more likely to get income during the warmer months, so this could be a good side hustle if you didn’t want to work all year round.

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