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The new update aimed to bring more convenience to the new and regular marketplace users

Keene, New Hampshire–(Newsfile Corp. – July 15, 2022) – iSpeedToLead released an update of the autobuy feature, enabling customers to choose top US cities by population for automatic lead purchases.


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The autobuy feature allows users to set a recurring purchase of leads in a certain area based on the set budget. Previously, a real estate investor could choose a state and county from which they would receive leads with the full information about the property and seller’s contact. Starting now, users can also select a list of the top 50, top 100, top 250, or top 500 most populated US cities. This update would be beneficial for any real estate investors who work on multiple markets across the country and prefer to focus on larger cities instead of their local areas.

iSpeedToLead is a US marketplace offering its clients verified leads of motivated homeowners looking to sell their property immediately. The company was created for real estate agents and investors who aim to receive the freshest information about local determined property sellers.

“The quality of each lead is the number one factor when it comes to a successful real estate deal,” says Gene Blinkov, the CEO. “As such, we dedicate all our effort to delivering the finest leads to our clients. Each lead is curated and vetted to be off-market, come from a motivated seller, and include all necessary information you might need to close the deal.”

The company collects data by running PPC campaigns in the United States. The result is a vast variety of leads from different states and counties with specific details about the property and its homeowner. When purchasing a lead, clients can choose an exclusivity timeframe for which the lead will be unavailable to anyone else; there are three options to choose from at three different price points: 1 hour, 48 hours, and full exclusivity. This approach is an excellent solution for those agents who do not have the expertise or budget to run expensive PPC campaigns themselves. It is also an appealing alternative for those not willing to dedicate a great amount of time to searching for potential sellers.

About iSpeedToLead

iSpeedToLead is a one-of-a-kind marketplace offering its customers real estate leads ​​à la carte. The company’s team consists of top real estate professionals and experienced marketing practitioners. Since beginning its operation in 2021, the company has produced over 30,000 leads for over 9,000 clients across the United States.

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