The Next CEOs: Executives Poised to Lead the Top Tech Companies – The Information

Call it the Great Rehiring. After a wave of resignations swept through the executive ranks of Meta Platforms, Amazon and other top tech companies, startups are starting to poach their current and former executives for the C-suite. We take a look at which executives are waiting in the wings to become the next CEO—of their current employer or of another.

Some possible CEO candidates, such as Amazon’s current international stores chief, Russell Grandinetti, may be feeling restless after being passed over for a more senior role when another executive’s departure created a vacuum. In Grandinetti’s case, Amazon’s head of retail and operations, Dave Clark, left to become CEO of logistics startup Flexport, and Amazon later promoted senior vice president Doug Herrington to take his spot.

Others, such as Stripe’s Will Gaybrick, Coinbase’s Emilie Choi or Cloudflare’s Michelle Zatlyn, are established second-in-command leaders who may not budge unless their companies’ chief executives decide to step back. And still others, such as Carolyn Everson, a former Meta Platforms ad executive who spent just three months at Instacart, are already on the market for a new gig.

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