Viser X, leading digital marketing agency in Bangladesh – Dhaka Tribune

Bangladesh is quickly becoming a destination for companies worldwide to find digital solutions to help grow their businesses. 

Leading this charge, many local start-ups are shaking up the scene. One of the standouts is a digital marketing firm called Viser X Limited, reads a press release.

Viser X has established its footprints as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh by leveraging its industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and vertically aligned business model.

Headquartered in Uttara, Dhaka, the company is also running its business from the UK with one of its sister concerns – SEOviser. It currently has more than 50 in-house team members, and more are working remotely.

As a member of Basis, they provide IT, software development, and digital marketing solutions to clients across many industries in Bangladesh and internationally. Their core competency includes search engine optimization (SEO).

Having served over 5,000 clients from 61 countries, Viser X has been recognized globally for its innovative approach to empowering businesses through technology. They have proven themselves as a trusted partner for many global clients looking to reinvent themselves to meet customers’ changing needs.

What differentiates Viser X from other agencies is how they leverage their industry-wide expertise in technology to help clients reach their growth potential.

Viser X has described its main goal as establishing itself as a partner that ensures digital growth using expertise, proven strategies, and result-oriented solutions to add value to its clients’ brands.

While digital marketing industries have had a boom in growth throughout Bangladesh — especially after the Digital Bangladesh campaign from the government — Viser X has been one of the active members leading the charge to bring more and more work to the country.

Besides, young professionals in Bangladesh have found Viser X to be a place where they can gain much-needed exposure and experience. The company provides mentorship and top-class training to their new employees. This can prove priceless for both their and the nation’s future as they can use these skills to empower their lives and those around them.

“Creating more employment opportunities is our vision. We focus more on developing skills for our employees and want to contribute more to the country’s overall economy,” said Viser X CEO Faisal Mustafa.

The company’s vision is to be an organization that empowers the digital presence of businesses through innovative strategies and tailored action plans that address the unique needs of clients, as well as the perfect execution of these plans to get the desired results.

While some may consider Viser X as just another software company, it fosters the development of Bangladesh’s digital industry.

Through the expertise and determination of its employees, Viser X is quickly establishing itself as a major player in the digital industry of Bangladesh, and it’s looking like this is just the start. 

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