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BERLIN, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the tech industry, web development is the segment that progresses at a fast speed. It is a competitive environment where developers shift technology trends and vice-versa. To draw the line of S1 2022 for web development technologies, TechBehemoths surveyed 912 IT Companies and Web Agencies across 49 countries. The study is based on answers between July 12-24, 2022 with one major goal: to identify which web development technologies IT companies use in 2022.

Key Takeaways: 

  1. JavaScript reaffirms its leading position among programming languages, being used by 89.5% of IT companies.
  2. React.Js is used by more than 75% of IT companies leaving far behind its industry competitors – Angular and Vue
  3. 73.3% of all IT companies continue to develop projects on WordPress, confirming the position of #1 CMS of all times.
  4. Git is the detached leader among web development tools with more than 89% of IT companies using it
  5. Google Cloud has the smallest share among all options when it comes to hosting IT projects
  6. PHP is used by 75% of all IT companies but not as much as the leader – JavaScript which has a share of 90%.
  7. Over 94% of all IT companies continue to use MySQL, which makes it the leader among all databases in the industry. At the other edge, there is Oracle – used by only 13.2% of IT companies worldwide
  8. VS Code is the most used web development environment among IT companies’ professionals with a share of 53.5%

Web Development Predictions and Trends for 2023:

In the framework of the study conducted by TechBehemoths, tech leaders across 49 countries anticipated how the web development technologies will impact business environments and what to expect in the year to come.

The main ideas focus on Progressive Web Apps as a trend in 2022, and the continuous rule of the JavaScript stack in web development frameworks. At the same time, some tech specialists consider that the .NET suite will be mainstream technology in 2023.

According to Mircea Sirbu, CTO at Mobiteam, we might witness the rise of Deno & Rise which could jeopardize the leading position of Node.Js.

Dmitry Sergienko CEO at Betlace, states that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data could be the new mainstream in web development in 2023.

On the framework side, Kenneth Metral, CEO at Cosmico Studios considers that React will continue to be dominant, which in its turn will push Vue and Angular out of the picture.

Overall, Sean O’Neill, Founder of MARSWorks thinks that the rapid trends change is the real problem in web development, as it becomes more and more challenging to become proficient in technologies and frameworks and to deliver projects based on them.

The survey has successfully identified the most popular web development technologies companies use nowadays, more about which you can learn by reading the study results

TechBehemoths is one of the fastest-growing platforms, created in Germany, that connects 57,000 reputable IT companies from 140 countries with clients and projects from all over the world. 

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