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Many sports have a handful of players or participants but a considerable number of spectators and fans. That’s not the case for fighting sports, where fans also like to take part in the action. They need somewhere to train, though. Knowing how to open your own fighting gym can do that.

Build a Client Base

You can actually build your client base before you open a fighting gym of your own. Community centers, schools, YMCAs, and even local parks might be places you can run fighting classes to experiment with different forms of content and styles to see what resonates with local enthusiasts.

Improve Your Own Education

You need to be proficient in at least one kind of fighting style on your own. People that come to fighting gyms aren’t always just looking for a place to practice but to also learn. While you might employ coaches or experts, it’s best if you can be one yourself so you provide your gym personality.

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Pick the Right Location

Your location needs to accomplish three things simultaneously. First, it needs to be a visible location so passing traffic sees it and knows where it is. Second, it needs to be spacious and affordable. Third, it should be centrally located where your clients can visit often and easily.

Create a Good Vibe

Fighting sports are intense. Some people might get a little worked up, and anyone trying hard enough is going to get physically sore at points. You need to create a good vibe in your fighting gym in more than one way. Make sure the decor is right to keep the atmosphere one of friendly competition. Your gym staff needs to keep things polite and lighthearted whenever possible. A place like Copper and Tweed for furniture will provide sturdy furniture for your fighters. The furniture especially can be a place for fighters to rest and relax when not actively training.

Decide on Equipment

You have a decision to make here. Investing in your own equipment means people just have to show up and you’ll have everything they need, but it will cost you more in terms of investment. Letting people train with their own equipment is a lot cheaper, but it might narrow down your clientele.

Create a Website

Have someone make a website for your fighting gym. Publish it. Then, run PPC ads to get traffic immediately but also launch an SEO campaign to generate organic traffic over time. Publish useful content about fighting sports on a regular basis to develop an online following.

Keep the Marketing Going

Your marketing and advertising should honestly never stop. So long as you have available revenue, it’s common for a small business to spend 5% to 8% of its budget on spreading the word about itself and running promotions that hopefully bring more fighters in for training. Don’t forget to throw a launch party or grand opening celebration to celebrate when the doors open to your fighting gym.

Everyone Wins

If your area has fans of fighting sports looking for a place to train, then you can open your own fighting gym. They get a place to participate in the fighting sports they love, and you can make some money off of very passionate clientele.

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