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September 21, 2022

Is it me or is everyone noticing how busy life has been lately? With everyone seemingly running in all different directions, it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all. Here in the Jungle, our goal is to help you by organizing all the latest IBM i, and related, news and notable events into a digestible package. If you have something you want to share with us, we are all ears so please be sure to send it our way. And now, read on as we share with you the latest news of the week, and some events that you will want to get on your radar.

Top Stories From Around The Jungle

(ARN) Elevated permissions and role identities in the cloud are a big problem, finds IBM report.

(NewScientist) How do one keep quantum computers cold? Build the world’s largest fridge, of course.

(Moneycontrol) This article reveals what IBM is really looking for when hiring .

(KXAN) IBM is looking to consolidate its Texas home in Austin.

(ComputerWorld) What’s the best office suite for business?

Redbooks, White Papers, Blogs, and Other Resources

(HelpSystems) Take a moment and take the Marketplace Survey before October 31.

(Seiden Group) A new blog on how to encrypt IBM i ODBC connections from Linux.

(Fresche Solutions) Fresche’s nine-part series on IBM i series (AS/400) application modernization is available to view online. Each 30-minute session focuses on an area of opportunity, from road-mapping to web development, field resizing, testing, and almost everything in between.

(LANSA) This blog tackles legacy application modernization in the banking sector.

(Raz-Lee Security) Check out Raz-Lee’s YouTube channel to catch up on their recent series of security webinars.

(Manta Technologies) Shop Manta’s back-to-school sale and save 20 percent off any Manta Combination Package – including the complete IBM i Training Library. Sale ends October 31.

Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings

September 21 Summit Workshop SeriesPHP for RPGers, a half day online workshop with Mike Pavlak, focuses on the fundamentals of PHP. It moves on to exhibit a simple use case for an application and then decompose the application with a LOT of nifty tools and features.

September 28 Summit Workshop SeriesCoding a Modern RPG Application, a half day online workshop with Paul Tuohy, takes you through the structure and code behind a modern RPG application, exploring the details of each of its many layers.

September 29 – Online Meeting – WMSUG (West Michigan IBM i User Group) is hosting this online meeting featuring Simon Hutchinson presenting “Recent additions to modern RPG language.”

September 29 – Webinar – Join ARCAD Software for a webinar titled, “DevOps is not a 4 Letter Word.” This session will center on an easy, non-technical demonstration that will compare and contrast what you’re doing today with “best practices” in DevOps. You’ll also get some quick and easy baby steps to get you started on the DevOps path.

October 3-4 – St. Louis, Missouri – The i on Security conference being held in conjunction with NAViGATE 2022. Attendees will learn about what actions we can take to shore up our IBM i defenses to help prevent an attack.

October 3-5 – St. Louis, Missouri – NAViGATE is COMMON’s annual Fall Conference. This is an event offering unique in-person and virtual networking opportunities that will take place to allow attendees to interact and share knowledge. Details to come.

October 5 Summit Workshop SeriesSQL Procedures, Functions and Triggers, a half day online workshop with Paul Tuohy, shows you how to use SQL to allow other languages (and platforms) to take advantage of existing IBM i code or to access SQL capabilities from RPG or COBOL applications.

October 25 – Ludwigsburg, Germany – Attend Eclipse SAAM on Cloud 2022 for security, AI, architecture and modeling for next generation of edge-cloud computing continuum.

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